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Gold Series - Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2018

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Gold Series - Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2018

Gold is both our current topic and a fitting measure of the pride with which we now present our 25th issue of SPECTRUM OF HOMEOPATHY. Six of our issues were devoted to the mineral remedies from the ‘Elements of Life’ at the beginning of the periodic table through to the death and transformation of the final row. We left a gap in the fifth row that is, however, plugged by Ulrich Welte’s tremendous book on the Silver series. In this GOLD SPECTRUM we are offering you a taste of his future work on the other rows of the periodic table with his contributions here on Hafnium, Thallium, and the rare Bismuth salts.

In the Gold series too we find a mixture of familiar remedies such as Barium, Aurum and Mercury plus unfamiliar or brand new ones such as Hafnium, Tantalum and Tungsten. Markus Kuntosch’s contribution on the compounds of Caesium and Barium kicks off our discussion on the themes of responsibility and power. Pratik Desai offers us an overview of the development of this topic and describes how – as the elements progressively develop from left to right across the row – the pressure increases to take on a leadership role; on the left there is a lack of readiness for this whereas in the middle there is success and on the right loss.

Desai ventures off the beaten path in stage 5 with Tantalum, which is only defined by its place in the periodic table. Many homeopaths hesitate to prescribe unproven remedies. Remedy selection is undoubtedly facilitated by an unusual proving symptom, as in Franz Swoboda’s case of Tungsten, stage 6. It can also be helpful to use the clinical and personality characteristics that Sunil Anand lists for every single element of the Gold series. He demonstrates the practical value of such classifications in cases of severe pathology for the heavy metals Iridium and Plumbum.

No SPECTRUM issue on the Gold series would be complete without Aurum. Here too our authors Resie Moonen and Wyka Feige illustrate unusual aspects of this well-known remedy. With Mercury we also go beyond the usual remedy picture to examine its Sulphur salts.

Deborah Collins illustrates how Scholten’s approach has revolutionized homeopathy with a case of Cinnabaris in which the recognition of the themes of this Sulphur salt of Mercury is decisive. And Dinesh Chauhan follows up with his familiar style of analysis in another Sulphur salt of Mercury, Mercurius sulphuricus, which has a toxic aspect due to the mixture of Sulphur’s narcissism with Mercury’s ruthlessness.

As in Jürgen Hansel’s Platinum case history, with Willi Neuhold’s Osmium case we see the decompensated state, focusing on the shadow side of the remedy. Withdrawal from power is a feature of the remedies on the right side of the sixth row, such as Thallium, Plumbum or Bismuth. Welte’s Thallium prescriptions could well have oiled the wheels of many a company handover, as you can read here in our extract. Bismuth can work for blackmail plus threatened suicide, so may help solve intractable family relationship problems.

Our six SPECTRUM issues on the rows of the periodic table offer you a modern, up-to-date materia medica of the elements and we are particularly proud that Jan Scholten considers SPECTRUM OF HOMEOPATHY to be the best homeopathy journal in the world.

Reading excerpt
Reading excerpt

Pratik Desai: What if i say something wrong
Tantalum and the agony of self-doubt

Markus Kuntosch: Giants and dwarves
Caesium and Barium at the start of the Gold series

Ulrich Welte: Am i really the boss?
Hafnium – on the threshold of power

Franz Swoboda: A powerful white stag
Tungsten muriaticum and the path to an unknown remedy

Willibald Neuhold: A shadow of his former self
Osmium and the failure of will

Sunil Anand: Critical and mistrustful
Iridium and Plumbum – heavy metals with severe pathology

Jürgen Hansel: 80 years of loneliness
Platinum – lonely in an inexplicable world

Resie Moonen: Alone with his grief
Aurum muriaticum natronatum and the differential diagnosis to Aurum muriaticum

Wyka Evelyn Feige: The king’s lost daughter
Aurum muriaticum natronatum – despair and deep pain

Deborah Collins: I’m still angry at my ex-wife
A case of Cinnabaris

Dinesh Chauhan: I’m the boss
Mercurius sulphuricus – a nasty mixture

Ulrich Welte: Difficult legacy
Thallium – relinquishing power

Ulrich Welte: Don’t forget the rare salts
Bismuth subsalicylicum for atherosclerosis, Bismuth oxydatum for blackmailing by threatened suicide


Gold Series - Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2018

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