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Trauma - Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2014

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Trauma - Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2014

The Remedies of the Asteraceae Family

This edition of SPECTRUM on the homeopathic treatment of trauma is at the same time a materia medica of the Asteraceae. No other remedy family is so closely associated by homeopaths with the theme of injury. Internal and external injuries can have lifelong traumatic effects: SPECTRUM provides answers to the question of how to come to terms with such experiences and integrate them. Our renowned authors have explored the action spectrum of the Asteraceae, presenting both some familiar remedies and some new ones from the big family commonly known as the asters, daisies or sunflowers.

Willi Neuhold offers a clear structural framework for the Asteraceae: with the inner experience of the Asteraceae according to the sensation method and its miasmatic classification according to Sankaran, he provides a practical grid for the precise mapping of the individual remedies. A number of homeopaths – including Annegret Gärtner, Sigrid Lindemann, and the pediatrician Andreas Richter – indicate some alternatives to the Asteraceae, such as the Solanaceae. In Andreas Richter's article on the remedy picture and stress cycle of Bellis perennis, we also learn something about modern trauma treatment and the problem of retraumatization. Jürgen Weiland's article about a deeply disturbed youngster from his pediatric practice shows how important and healing this can be, including when working with parents.

Jan Scholten's new methodology is also highlighted in this edition of SPECTRUM. He explains in detail how to find the remedy according to his new periodic table of plants so that even those who are not fully up-to-speed with his latest ideas in “Wonderful Plants” can still follow his logic. Clarification of Scholten's thinking is offered by both Resie Moonen and Martin Jakob, who analyze their cases in accordance with Scholten's new approach. With his customary shrewd wit, Franz Swoboda shows how to “crack” Scholten's plant code for uncommon remedies. An original graphic from Jan Scholten's new book is provided, showing the taxonomic overview of the plant world.

Renate Paschmanns and Guy Payen present case histories showing the deep soul of the well-known remedy Arnica, which is also capable of healing profound layers of trauma. Declan Hammond's painfully acquired empathy enables him to accept patients who have experienced the worse thing that can happen to a parent – the death of their child. His description of what he went through and the loving way in which he deals with patients in the same predicament is very moving.

The astonishing thing, however, is that all these cases have a good ending. Ulrich Welte's fruitful and entertaining overview of the genus Cichorium also repeatedly poses the question “to be or not to be,” which surprisingly often results in a happy ending thanks to homeopathy, despite the pain experienced along the way in each individual case.

Reading excerpt
Reading excerpt

Declan Hammond: The Death Of A Child - A Parent`s Choice For Life
On the trauma of losing a child

Danièle Joulin: Death And The Devil
Sexual abuse within the family and the perceived inability to protect one’s child

Andreas Richter: Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again
Bellis perennis and deep inner injury

Guy Payen: The Soul Of The "Falling Herb"
Arnica montana beyond the range of approved indications – easy to miss

Annegret Gärtner: Trauma Therapy And Homeopathic Granules
Abrotanum for an emaciated newborn suffering from the mother’s injuries

Renate Paschmanns: Acting Quickly And Deeply
Arnica and Calendula can do far more than just quickly heal injuries

Ulrich Welte: To Be Or Not To Be
Cichorium intybus and its relatives protect their soft core under a tough outer shell

Jan Scholten: New Paths In The World Of Plants
Senecio aureus discovered systematically with Jan Scholten’s theory of plants

Resie Moonen: Defenseless Against Others
First case of Gnaphalium and childhood trauma: sciatica, pain, and weak emotional defenses

Franz Swoboda: Lacerated And Battered
Grindelia heals two cases of bronchitis, high blood pressure, and skin problems

Jürgen Weiland: Vulnerable Hero
Achillea millefolium soothes the aggression of a traumatized child

Sigrid Lindemann: A Brutal Guardian Angel
Abrotanum helps a weak young woman find new strength

Marco Riefer: Self-Harm
Belladonna as a remedy for severe borderline personality disorder

Willibald Neuhold: The Experience Of The Asteraceae
The vital sensation of the patients and the miasmatic classification of the Asteraceae according to Sankaran


Trauma - Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2014

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caroline hayward

3 years ago
e-book Spectrum
having subscribed to Spectrum consistently since its launch its become a very important and informative journal for viewing a window into contemporary and classical methodologies of many experienced Homeopaths from all areas of practice. Its wonderful to be able to access the e-book version especially at this time of a global crisis but I'd much prefer the hard copy to be able to turn pages manually as is so much easier to review the articles and hidden gems of information. It also provides details on the latest books and reviews. read more ...
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5 years ago
great tool
Brilliant cases and a well done overall analysis read more ...
3 people find this helpful. Do you find this helpful?

3 years ago
Good insight into homeopathic treatment of hormonal disorders
Good insight into homeopathic treatment of hormonal disorders. I am excited to learn about Liz Lalor protocol. read more ...
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Connie Wehmeyer

2 months ago
Some Very Helpful Perspectives
I found this book gave me a lot of different insights to use in my practice in addition to a lot of studying I have done on covid the last few years. i was somewhat shocked that the one homeopath contributor did get the vx, but everyone has to do what they feel is right for them. I learned a lot about Picric acid that I didn't know - now have some on hand. Thanks for putting together this informative book. read more ...
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Anjana R. Suresh

3 years ago
lanthanides uncovered
This issue provides a good insight on the central ideas of lanthanide remedies and quite a few short cases to understand how they may present themselves to the homeopath. read more ...
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Pauline Wilson

4 years ago
Spectrum of Homeopathy 2012-2,
An interesting read so far, especially love the pinus case, lots here to come at from all the kingdoms with new ways of perceiving even more common remedies, pleased to have it in the library. read more ...
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