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Earth Harmony

Earth Harmony: I tested using 2 zucchini plants, tomatoes, and 2 flowers in pots as guinea pigs:

Zucchini: the plant without "Earth harmony" drops had a slightly sunnier position, grew well and produced many zucchinis. The plant treated with "Earth Harmony" drops was in a shadier position. It had fewer flowers initially, but more leaves, which were also darker, bigger, and stronger. After a few weeks, it was almost twice as big as the plant without the drops. It had several zucchinis but not as many as the other one. Towards the end of the growing season, it had a growth spurt and produced significantly more flowers and zucchinis than the plant without the drops.

I observed a similar effect with the tomatoes: the plants initially looked "healthier" (greener, stonger) with fewer flowers, and they then put on a growth spurt at the end of the season, so that I can now still harvest tomatoes from the treated plants, whereas I have had to consign the others to the compost heap.

With the pot flowers, the "Earth harmony" drops had such a clear positive effect that after 2 weeks I started adding the drops to both pots.

In my opinion, the homeopathic gardenening drops were a success.

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