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Lycopodium 30 C: Weakened clematis recovers magnificently
Ms S. has a Clematis viticella in her garden, which was not doing at all well in the spring of 2012. The plant looked weak with washed-out colours. Ms S. had no idea why this normally so robust plant was in such a bad state. In Christiane Maute's book she discovered the remedy Lycopodium 30 C, which is indicated for puny plants with premature yellowing of the leaves. She watered the whole plant with 4 globules dissolved in 1 litre of water, repeated a week later. After the first application the plant immediately began to grow again. Its glorious colours have gradually returned and it has now regained its previous splendour.
Christina S., Welver, Germany, 2012

Lycopodium 30 C + Calcium carb. 30 C: plume poppy (Macleaya cordata) – growth spurt
A vigorous 20-cm-high specimen of plume poppy was planted in spring in an optimal location with compost-enriched earth.
Despite good conditions the plant remained puny and weak, though without any obvious signs of disease. In June Ms H decided to follow Christiane Maute's advice to treat plants in such a condition with Lycopodium 30 C and Calcium carbonicum 30 C. These remedies are recommended in the book for poor growth and failure to thrive. The two preparations were applied with the watering can, alternately every one to two weeks. This noticeably encouraged growth so that the plant grew to a height of 1.20 m by spring. This year it has grown higher than my head and looks strong and imposing.


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