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Belladonna 6D: Downy mildew on grapevines

Report from an organic agriculture consultant based in New Zealand:
One of my winegrowers in this region reported that he had stopped a case of pero (downy mildew) in his Pinot gris and Sauvignon Blanc, which we had confirmed 4 weeks previously (oily spots on about 10% of the leaves), thanks to a dose of the “bella donna” 6D on leaf and soil. There was no pero on the grapes, which will be harvested next week or the week after. He's already looking forward to a good quality and medium-high harvest. So that's my report from the “Sarauer” vine region (Sarau was so named by the Lutheran settlers from Hannover, Germany, who founded it in 1850), Andreas

Belladonna 30C: Rust on roses
Roses already affected by rose rust were watered in 3 separate groups: the 1st group were given Aconitum (3 pellets in a watering can of water), the 2nd group were given Belladonna, and the 3rd group were given pure water (on the soil). Each group was treated once only. Result: the group that were given pure water without a homeopathic remedy largely died off and had to be strongly cut back. The other two groups lost the affected leaves but they retained the less affected and newer leaves, so that they did not have to be cut back so strongly next spring. (SB)

Belladonna 30C: Rust on peppermint plant
A peppermint plant had an massive attack of rust. I was treated one time with Belladonna C200.
The infestation, however, was so massive, that I decided to cut it completely.

The new growth was a little slow in coming but is up to now completely healthy and I can enjoy fresh tea again.

30C: Roses suffering from rust for about 10 years:
This year I watered once a month with Acon. 30C und Bell. 30C, very large flowers, stronger plants and so far very few rust spots on the leaves.


Belladonna C 30 - Sunburn in Stone Fruit
The small orchard of fruit and wine grower Christian Berg in Ortenberg, central Germany, contains apple and pear trees over an area of approximately 1000 square metres. The rows of trees face south and are therefore fully exposed to the midday sun, which increases the risk of sunburn in hot weather. Herr Berg had therefore repeatedly experienced problems in previous years. The sunburn causes the fruit to develop golden yellow or brown spots, adversely affecting the shelf life, as the fruit flesh more quickly becomes soft and brown.

In 2013 the trees were preventively treated before the hot July weather according to the recommendations of Christiane Maute by spraying them with Belladonna 200 C. When he later checked the trees, Herr Berg found that the treated trees – in contrast to nearby untreated ones – showed no signs of sunburn on the leaves. The photo shows the effect of sunburn on the apples.

The result indicates that homeopathic treatment was effective, although it does not provide proof.

Christian B., Ortenberg 2013 


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Belladonna 200 C, Sunburn, Dwarf pomegranate

This is what became of my dwarf pomegranate (scorched by the sun). Treated once with Belladonna 200 C. I'm delighted :-)
The plant has lost all the scorched leaves, has vigorously put out new shoots, has roughly doubled in size, and has also produced a few new flowers.

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