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Coccinella sept. (ladybird)

Homeopathic Treatment for Aphids on Cucumbers
We had severe aphid infestation on our cucumbers. Following the recommendation of V. D. Kaviraj, we watered these and all other plants at an interval of one week with liquid Coccinella 6 D. There were fewer insects afterwards.
Around 2 weeks later we repeated the application. The infestation, also on our roses, has not appeared again since then. Great!

Markus J., Cologne, Germany, June 2015

Coccinella D6: Green aphids on roses, sprayed 1x with the sprayer, the rest were watered on the roots. After approx 1 week, the aphids had disappeared.

Coccinella D6: Green aphids on the tips of rose shoots, 3x sprayed with diminishing dosage on the days indicated by the planting calendar. Aphids diminished and had disappeared after 14 days.

Coccinella D6: Black aphids on blackberry, roses, and cucumbers were watered and sprayed on 3 successive days. After 3 further days, there were no more aphids to be seen.

D6: Rose mallow indoors with aphid (green) infestation was watered once with Coccinella 6D (3 pellets in 10 liters water). No significant improvement in the aphids could be seen (maybe it would have helped to water several times – although Kaviraj advises against this). (SB)

30C: Black aphids on guelder rose. 3 pellets in 10 liters watered once to combat black aphids on guelder rose – after two weeks, there were no more aphids to be seen. (SB)

200C: Aphids on roses. Watering of the plants. All aphids had disappeared within 2-3 days. I only had to spray again 3 months later, and then it was just as successful as the first time. (GP)


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