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Aconitum (monkshood)

Aconitum: Rust on roses: I read the book “Homoeopathy for Farm and Garden” by V.D. Kaviraj with great interest and enthusiasm. I'm just a hobby gardener but I had great success treating rust on roses using Aconitum. I've never had such beautiful roses!!

Aconitum – Orchid successfully revived

A wilting orchid, which had been thrown onto the compost heap because it no longer produced any flowers, was repotted by Ms J. and given homeopathic treatment. At short intervals she gave it doses of Arnica 200 C, Aconitum 200 C, and then Carbo vegetabilis 30 C (3 pellets in 50 ml water). Ms J. always gives the first two remedies when repotting or changing the position of a plant: effects of injury (Arnica), shock (Aconitum) from repotting. Carbo vegetabilis 30 C was given last to generally strengthen the plant. This took place in mid-June. By the end of August the orchid had noticeably recovered and had started producing the first flowers.
Welden, Germany, 2012 

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