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Tanacetum vulgare (tansy)

Tanacetum 6D: Black Vine Weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) on Roses
In June this year, we noticed that the leaves of our roses turned pale, losing colour as if becoming anemic. Many fresh young shoots had stopped growing and started withering.
This was caused by the fat larvae of the black vine weevil, which eat the roots under the earth. Many leaves also displayed the typical bite marks of the weevil.

The affected roses were watered with Tanacetum 6D * at intervals of 2 days. After 2 -3 weeks, the plants began to noticeably recover; the new shoots remained healthy and were able to develop fully. And there were no further areas affected.

Monika, Kuppenheim, Germany 2013

Tanacetum 6D: Black vine weevil on rhododendron – severely weakened plants (scrawny shoots, leaves going brown & curling up, sparse blossom) were watered 3 times at intervals of 3-4 days with decreasing dosage - 1 watering can per plant. Approx 14 days after the start of treatment, there was an astonishing burst of energy. The plants are now looking great, full of the joys of life. At times there are still some leaves to be seen that have been eaten by the beetles – I'll try to get rid of these too by spraying.


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Order hotline
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