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Experiences with

Natrium sulphuricum

Natrium sulphuricum 30 C: brown rot in tomatoes
Moneymaker” tomatoes were planted late on a house wall, somewhat protected from rain by overhanging eaves.
At the beginning of August, the first signs of brown rot could be seen on the leaves and stems.
The plants were then watered every 3 days initially, later 1x per week, with Natrium sulphuricum 30 C (10 pellets in 10 liters of water).
The affected leaves were removed and the plants produced healthy new growth. Stems that already showed signs of brown spots recovered and the fruit remained healthy.
Sontra, September 2012

Natrium sulphuricum 30 C: 20 varieties of rose from the patient's garden at the Garmisch Partenkirchen clinic were suffering from black spot in June.
Some were in such a bad condition that we considered removing them completely.
Due to the constant wetness, we followed Christiane Maute's advice (in Homeopathy for Plants) to water them 3 times at intervals of 3 weeks with Natrium sulphuricum 30 C (10 pellets in 10 L water). The roses, with the exception of one variety, recovered very nicely. The new leaves were healthy.
Georg Schmötzer, 2012

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