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A confrontation with a dominant male makes you feel vulnerable: a case of Columba palumbus
Tinus Smits has died
Review of the 255th birthday of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Nepal
From Dr. Rajesh Pradhanang
Kate Birch interviewed by Heidi Brand
Louis Klein interviewed by Heidi Brand
"Homeopathy – from Childhood to Old Age" March 14-16, 2014
a review to the seminar
An unusual case of a well-kown remedy
Toughing it out: a case of Millefolium
The overnight transformation of a jealous dog - A case of Hyoscyamus
by Deborah Collins
Deprived of body, property, and life: a case of Arsenicum iodatum and Diospyros kaki
by Pavlína Hollá
Spectrum Of Homeopathy 01/2010
Christoph Schubert: New psycho-epidemics / Jürgen Weiland: Pathway into life / Ulrich Welte/Markus Kuntosch: Shy, odd, really brainy / Jan Scholten: Overcoming the false self / Louis Klein: The orchid project / Jörg Wichmann: Beauty in itself / Patricia Le Roux: Flighty and hyperactive / Massimo Mangialavori: Hyperactivity and allergy / Anne Schadde: Children without limits / Amy Rothenberg: Special kids, special care / Rajan Sankaran: Surprise attack / Jürgen Hansel: Struggle for contact / Andreas Richter: Overexcited in the womb / Frans Kusse: Levels and trauma
Spectrum Of Homeopathy 03/2012
Jan Scholten: The discovery of autonomy / Jan Scholten / Ulrich Welte: The nature of the Lanthanides / Ulrich Welte: The periodic table comes to life / Resie Moonen: Hermetically sealed / Ramon Frendo: Balance and grounding / Heinz Wittwer: The invisible band / Pat Deacon: Desiring deep contact / Christina Ari: Conflict at all levels / Deborah Collins: Healing journey to the self / Martin Jakob: Immune system error / Markus Kuntosch: Mavericks / The homeopathic doctors centre, Utrecht: Freedom and knowledge / Pieter Kuiper: A collective silent scream / Jan Scholten: If I want to!
Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2015
Anton Kramer, Frans Kusse, Gio Meijer, Marguerite Pelt, Wim Roukema, Enna Stallinga, Rienk Stuut: Search for the core / Jan Scholten: At the end / Jörg Wichmann, Angelika Bolte, Ruth Wittassek: Beings of the intermediate realm / Willibald Neuhold: Barrenness and abundance / Felix Morgenthaler: Expansion in time and space / Mike Keszler: Out of control / Andreas Holling: I'm losing my hair! / Misha Norland: Disintegration and fusion / Sigrid Lindemann: Lucid in the sky / Annette Sneevliet: My brain is falling apart / Anneliese Barthels: The Unvarnished, unlimited truth / Bob Blair: Self-estrangement / Marco Riefer: Chaos, bustle, anger in the belly

Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2018
Pratik Desai: What if i say something wrong / Markus Kuntosch: Giants and dwarves / Ulrich Welte: Am i really the boss? / Franz Swoboda: A powerful white stag / Willibald Neuhold: A shadow of his former self / Sunil Anand: Critical and mistrustful / Jürgen Hansel: 80 years of loneliness / Resie Moonen: Alone with his grief / Wyka Evelyn Feige: The king’s lost daughter / Deborah Collins: I’m still angry at my ex-wife / Dinesh Chauhan: I’m the boss / Ulrich Welte: Difficult legacy / Ulrich Welte: Don’t forget the rare salts
Surviving with help of Diospyros kaki Creveld, The World Tree
The Kaki-tree in Nagasaki stands for the end of the 2nd World War, the end of the destruction, domination, rape, fleeing and death. The tree signifies survival and the beginning of hope.
The remedy enhances the eliminatory processes of the body. Diospk-c is indicated in cases of psychological and physical problems caused by a trauma as a result of war or a fire, problems resulting from radiotherapy and poisoning with chemicals. The remedy enhances the detoxification. It has a positive influence on the skin, like diminishing the itch in the cases of burns. Also in cases with problems in the region of ears, nose and throat, asthmatic problems and multiple sclerosis, this remedy has proved it's self.
A case of Ruthenium
Lac humanum - Lac maternum
The Actinides: The Ultimate Challenge
Fleeing from pain: seven short cases of Opium
The land of 'No': a case of Golden topaz
Product 41 to 60 (of 383)
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