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Brie, miniature horse, 6 years old
A case of Ruthenium
Attacked by ghosts
Some thoughts on Carbo vegetabilis: two cases
Difficulties reading and writing in a boy with an IQ of 140: Europium Carbonicum
A highly gifted child with reading and writing difficulties, who was successfully treated with Europium Phosphoricum. His reading and writing difficulties are differentiated from Asperger syndrome.
A boy with post-mononucleosis depression
A girl with complaints after mononucleosis
Blaze, a 16 year old thoroughbred gelding
A girl with mononucleosis
Separation anxiety: a case of Saccharum officinale
by Jana Kolenová

Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2016
Christian Weidl: Pepper: The king of spices / Dinesh Chauhan: Everyday pleasures / Sigrid Lindemann: Elated and isolated / Ulrike Schuller-Schreib: Thrills, flood of ideas, time-wasting / Angelika Bolte, Jörg Wichmann: Pungence and a fleeting aroma / Bhawisha Joshi: A breath of fresh air / Mahesh Ghandi: Love is my petrol / Michal Yakir: Yin and yang in the development of plants / Jan Scholten: Fractal system / Jan Scholten / Martin Jakob: Primitive and complex spices / Martin Jakob: The subtlety of the plant theory / Heinz Wittwer: Phosphorus through and through / Walter Glück: Sweating, Coughing, hoarseness / Reinhard Flick: Letting go of tension / Gabriela Hoppe: Finding your own position

Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2016
Declan Hammond: Death - The final frontier / Jürgen Hansel: The strength to live / Resie Moonen: Healing in dying / Gisela Holle: Similarities in dying / Sabine Stelter: Acceptance of mortality / Mark Braun: Opening doors / Joachim Stürmer: Restless fear of death / Ulrich Welte: Loss and Clinging – Stage 15 / Deborah Collins: palliative care with a pinch of salt / Jens Wurster: Final ray of hope / Philipp Lehrke: The immortality beloved cannot die / Jürgen Weiland: In low gear after a heart operation / Erfried Pichler: Give me a gun / Markus Kuntosch: Light in the darkness

Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2016
Ulrich Welte: The usual madhouse of everyday life / Willi Neuhold: Lost in the labryrinth of life / Jürgen Hansel: A deer in the headlights / Karim Adal: I want a Ferrari / Franz Swoboda: Reconciling extremes / Anna Koller-Wilmking: I'm treading water / Mike Keszler: The song of iron / Wyka Evelyn Feige: Just don't make any mistakes / Geoff Johnson: Oscar Cocker and Molly Collie / Angelika Bolte & Jörg Wichmann: No longer the one who does everything / Anne Schadde: Constant bad news / Jeremy Sherr: Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy / Bhawisha Joshi: Mineral, plant, animal / Martin Jakob: Adjusting to the norms of the job

Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2017
Declan Hammond: The compassionate search for the lost soul / Johanna Tränkner: loss of self-control / Frans Kusse: insight and renewed vigor / Jonathan Hardy: the gnawing feeling of emptiness / Shekhar Algundgi & Priyanka Patole: you’re like garbage and no one wants you / Andreas Richter: longing for love / Anna Koller-Wilmking: wine, women, and song / Anne Schadde: partying with one foot in the grave / Deborah Collins: destructive rage / Jean Pierre Jansen: escaping the cloud of smoke / Sigrid Lindemann: solo diver / Ulrich Welte: a world of war

Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2017
Markus Kuntosch: The ups and downs of relationships / Renate Paschmanns: Alone or free / Ose Hein: Cramped harmony / Friedrich Ritzer and Hans Eberle: Rooted in native soil / Jan Scholten: My Position in the relationship / Martin Jakob: Unhappy with the partner / Bhawisha Joshi: I need you / Dinesh Chauhan: I and I / Angelika Bolte und Jörg Wichmann: I want to be like you / Tali Levi: The price of pride / Bob Blair: Compensated uncertainty / Ulrike Schuller-Schreib: Dizzy foggy / Wyka Evelyn Feige: Suddenly connected / Rajan Sankaran: I am not you / Andreas Holling: Direction and movement

Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2017
Jürgen Hansel: Disappointed, upset, deeply hurt / Urvi Chauhan: At peace with oneself / Artur Wölfel: I can’t function / Tali Levi: The blockage starts in the head / Heidi Brand and Norbert Groeger: I’m a piece of dirt / Massimo Mangialavori: I won’t give anything away / Franz Swoboda: The woman whose hands i didn’t save / Heinz Wittwer: Overprotected and constrained / Anton Kramer and Jan Scholten: The barricaded heart and female autonomy / Christina Ari: The female complaint rheumatism / S. Chidambaranathan: Stopped in its tracks / Reinhard Flick: Get moving! / Peter Gregory: Limping dogs

Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2018
Pratik Desai: What if i say something wrong / Markus Kuntosch: Giants and dwarves / Ulrich Welte: Am i really the boss? / Franz Swoboda: A powerful white stag / Willibald Neuhold: A shadow of his former self / Sunil Anand: Critical and mistrustful / Jürgen Hansel: 80 years of loneliness / Resie Moonen: Alone with his grief / Wyka Evelyn Feige: The king’s lost daughter / Deborah Collins: I’m still angry at my ex-wife / Dinesh Chauhan: I’m the boss / Ulrich Welte: Difficult legacy / Ulrich Welte: Don’t forget the rare salts

Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2018
Jörg Wichmann: Archaic instincts / Bhawisha Joshi: Inside the reptilian soul / Sankaran, Desai, Vyas: Lying in ambush / Jayesh Shah: You have to be on your guard / Bénédicte Echard: I want to slash them to bits / Sigrid Lindemann: Exuberant posers / Michaela Zorzi: The lizard and the stork / Tali Levi: Defeating him in style by surprise and finesse / Sujit Chatterjee, Rajan Sankaran, Meghna Shah: Naked and unprotected / Vatsala Sperling: Hiding in my safe house / Dinesh Chauhan: The case witnessing process / Ulrike Schuller-Schreib: Taxonomy of the boidae

Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2019
Jörg Wichmann: Problems with the group / Jürgen Weiland: Striking flowers looking for support / Anne Schadde: Excluded from happiness / Resie Moonen: Between perfection and obsession / Mahesh Gandhi: They look down on me now / Mahesh Gandhi: Everyone´s so mean to me / Michal Yakir: There is only me / Annette Sneevliet: Evolution and sensation / Markus Kuntosch: Precocious and conceited / Vladimir Petroci: Family histories / Deborah Collins: Everything or nothing / Sally Williams: Nuances of rejection

Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2019
Christina Ari: Selfless or Autonomous / G. Gaikwad / A. Hede / S. Chatterjee: Endocrine sarcodes / Maria Klompé / Alex Leupen: One last try / Susan Sonz: Coming out / Viktoria Bodrogi: Pregnant males / Sally Williams: Dependent lika a child / Vasudha Vij: Too little love / Shekhar Algundgi / Priyanka Patole: Uncertain and wobbly / Ute Bullemer: Mea culpa / Deborah Collins: Plant code and an approved indication
Product 361 to 380 (of 382)
Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 16  17  18  19  20  [Next >>] 

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