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Natural Health Products

In her works, successful author Rosina Sonnenschmidt gives a wealth of tips on how the patient can support his healing process, for example by changing his diet, performing breathing and rhythmic exercises or using teas, alkaline substances, bowel cleansing and much more… As requested by many of our customers, we now offer many of these products in our Naturhaus. From theory to practice is now just one small step.

Products can only be sent to EU countries. Exceptions: Green Star - Juicer / Vitamix TNC 5200 / Klyso / Vagina douche device

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New products

: Vitamin C Fruchtgummis für die ganze Familie - 60 Gummis - von Unimedica  - Sonderangebot kurze Haltbarkeit

: Bio Matcha Pulver - Zeremonie-Qualität - 100g - von Unimedica - Sonderangebot kurze Haltbarkeit

: Saatgut Box Herbst Bio

: 2er Sparset: Bio Kokosöl nativ - 2 x 1000 ml - von Unimedica