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1. Homeopathic Cancer Congress Badenweiler 2009

Kurhaus Badenweiler 


Glimpses from the International Homeopathic Cancer Congress

from 25-27 September 2009 in Badenweiler/ Germany.

Renowned homeopaths such as A.U. Ramakrishnan, R.S. and Alok Pareek, Dietmar Payrhuber, Patricia Le Roux, Rosina Sonnenschmidt and Harald Knauss, who have specialized in the homeopathic treatment of cancer, passed on their knowledge in the course of this congress in Badenweiler.

Homeopaths came over from all over the world to attend the congress: from Canada, Cuba, Netherlands, India, Italy, UK, Spain, Portugal as well as our neighbours from Switzerland and Austria.


DVD of the cancer congress

The location: Kurhaus Badenweiler Group photo Autumn colors.
empfangtreppe anmeldung Verlagsteam
The team of Narayana Publishers welcomed the international guests.
begrüssung Ramakrishnan ramakrishnan
Welcome to one of the most experienced cancer therapist A.U. Ramakrishnan who has
ramakrishnan Ramakrishnan Ramakrishnan Familie Übersetzerinnen
treated over 12.000 cancer patients. Ramakrishnan's family Translators
payrhuber payrhuber payrhuber payrhuber
Dietmar Payhuber presented the Scholten method in cancer treatment.
büchertisch büchertisch büchertisch
The book table was frequented by the participants.
pareek sen pareek senior pareek junior pareek junior
The living legend R.S. Pareek and his son Alok Pareek impressed with
pareek senior pareek senior dario spinedi pareek
their great clinical experience.

Short speech:D. Spinedi

Many thanks!
kaffee mittagessen mittagessen essen
In between the guests enjoyed coffee and lunch and relaxed on the sun terrace.
le roux le roux le roux le roux
Patricia Le Roux talked about her experiences in tumor therapy .
verlagshaus verlagshaus verlagshaus verlagshaus
Saturday evening the Narayana publishers invited to an open house in Kandern.
kandern international pareek bücher pareek
The international guests could see books on 4 floors and
signierstunde signierstunde signierstunde verlagshaus
the authors and speakers of the congress signed their books.
rosina erfrischungen englischebücher pareek
Fruitful conversations and Indian Snacks completed the day.
sonnenschmidt sonnenschmidt auditorium sonnenschmidt
Rosina Sonnenschmidt presented impressive healing processes and exercises .
auditorium auditorium gespräche gespräche
The audience listened interested and took an active part in the conversation.
knauss knauss knauss knauss
Harald Knauss closed the sucessful cancer congress with great joy.


A.U. Ramakrishnan


A.U. Ramakrishnan is one of the most famous homeopaths treating cancer worldwide. His book A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer is one of the main books in this field. The author has personal experience with more than 5000 patients suffering from cancer. He is the homeopathic physician to the President of India.

  • Homeopathic Philosophy of the Treatment of Cancer
  • Homeopathic Case-taking with cancer
  • Types of Cancer & Prognosis
  • Specifics of Treatment for the different stages of cancer
  • Homeopathy as primary therapy
  • Homeopathy in conjunction with Western Medicine
  • Materia Medica of cancer
  • Ramakrishnan method of administering remedies
R.S. Pareek

R.S.Pareek and Alok Pareek: Father and son are regarded all over the world as distinguished experts on the treatment of cancer. Together, they command more than 75 years of homoeopathic experience. They manage an extremely well-equipped, modern hospital in India, where mainstream diagnostics and therapy are combined with homoeopathy.
The two have written the book Krebs- heilbar durch Homöopathie. In this book, they present cancer cases and severe pathologies from their large clinic in Agra. The cases are exceptionally well documented and the follow-ups cover many years.

Alok Pareek
Alok Pareek
  • Perceiving the case,study of the mind of the cancer patient
  • Study of the hereditary factors – the miasmatic influence in malignancies
  • Detoxification.  
  • Prescribing guidelines with high risk patients and precancerous conditions
  • Patients with confirmed malignancy wishing to take purely Homoeopathic treatment.
  • Homoeopathy as a supportive treatment with modern medicines.
  • Cases on or after adjuvent therapies.
  • Treatment of complications of surgery, Radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • Advanced inoperable cases with multiple metastasis : the terminal state cases
  • Treatment of Malignancies with Organ remedies and Mother Tinctures(Clinical experience)
  • Remedies with special affinity for different cancers including many rare remedies (Clinical Experience)
  • Experiences with some Botanical and Indigenous drugs in Cancer Management.

Rosina Sonnenschmidt
Rosina Sonnenschmidt




Rosina Sonnenschmidt is one of the leading homoeopaths in Germany who has specialized on the treatment of cancer. She is the author of Miasmatische Krebstherapie (available in German only) and the Homöopathische Krebsrepertorium (also only available in German).

  • Miasmatic cancer therapy – an overview
  • The nature of cross dynamics in cancer
  • The holistic concept of treatment: homoeopathy, nutrition, detoxification, oxygen supply, rhythmic breathing exercieses, self-expression
  • The conflicts belonging to the various types of cancer and their solution (illustrated by the example of tumours in the uterus, mamma, prostate, colon, and bladder)
  • Courses of treatment / cure (Powerpoint)

Dietmar Payrhuber
Dietmar Payrhuber


Dietmar Payrhuber, co-founder of the Austrian „Ärztegesellschaft für klassische Homöopathie“ (Association of doctors working with Classical Homoeopathy), treats cancer cases successfully using the method of Scholten. The case analysis according to Scholten enables Payrhuber to probe directly into the essence of each case and to analyze the main issue of the patient’s life. With the help of the periodic table, he is able to translate the issue accurately into the homoeopathic remedy.

In his book Homöopathie und Krebs (available in German only), some of these cases have already been published. The diagnoses span the entire range from Hodgkin’s disease, hairy cell leukaemia, anaplastic astrocytoma in the thrid degreed to a malign mesothelioma of the pleura.
Patricia Le Roux
Patricia Le Roux

Patricia Le Roux has been working in the oncological children’s emergency ward of the University hospital in Marseille for 10 years now. She will talk about homoeopathic complementary therapy in solid tumours in children, differentiated according to the stage of the tumour.

  • Medical aspects of solid tumours in children. Diagnosis and therapy.
  • Homoeopathic treatment and strategy in the treatment of children according to the relevant stage of the cancerous tumour
  • Specific problems encountered during the treatment of children suffering from cancer which can be solved with the help of homoeopathy. Is the similimum able to influence the progression of the tumour, and if so, in which way?
  • Presentation of cases
Patricia Le Roux has written, among others, the books Metals in Homoeopathy and Hydro-Homeopathic Energy


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