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Vital Force is Oxygen, Amarsinha D.  Nikam

192 pages, pb
publication 2011
product no. 09138
weight: 300g
ISBN: 978-81-319-0824-2

Printed in India - Indian quality

Vital Force is Oxygen

Amarsinha D. Nikam

An enlightening research in vital force

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The publisher:

Vital Force is Oxygen’ is the first book of its kind which tries to establish the scientific authenticity of the vital force by comparing it with oxygen. The author Dr. Amarsinha Dattatray Nikam has reasoned out the comparison between each and every component of oxygen with vital force in the most convincing manner. Dr. Amarsinha Dattatray Nikam is the founder of unique and only existent Homeopathic hospital worldwide Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital and Healing Centre. The book has tried to draw a similarity between every aspect of oxygen, in health and sickness with vital force. The physiology, pathology, working and mechanism of oxygen run parallel with the vital force. This work could be an answer to the skeptics in the contemporary medicine, who are always doubting the scientific realism and legitimacy of Homeopathy.

Dr. Amarsinha Dattatray Nikam is the best exponent of Classical Homeopathy in the country. No mix no remix, no adulterations and no abrasiveness. For a single patient only one medicine and that too of a minimum potency of 30. It’s big wonder to see even extreme emergency cases being dealt without any surgery, saline or injections. In fact, Dr. Nikam is in himself a most powerful expression of the power and might of Homoeopathy in India.” He established Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital & Healing Centre the first Homoeopathic hospital in India on 2nd May 1995 (after 14 years wide experience in Homeopathy). Dr. Nikam was selected as ‘Indian Team Doctor’ in International Sports Tournament of Handicapped persons conducted in Brisbane, Touwamba, Australia in 1991. Has authored various books on homeopathy like ‘Homoeopathy - The Art of Rapid & Gentle Healing’, ‘Research in Thermal Materia Medica’. The New Research in Manifestation of Miasm (In Disease, Medicine and Mind)’. Dr. Nikam continuously addresses the medical community to go for scientific and practical approach towards Homeopathy and has addressed many seminars both at national and international level.

- Coherent portrayal of the working of vital force on human body, its mechanism, its functioning, its damages etc.
- Effusive explanation of disease dynamics with regards to oxygen and vital force explained
- Opinions of Master Hahnemann and other pioneers of homeopathy regarding the vital force have been described and discussed in detail
- Relationship of vital force with emotions and miasm makes for an interesting read

only a few in stock, ready to ship within one working day
free shipping above 133.00 US$

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Amarsinha D.  Nikam
Amarsinha D. Nikam
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