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The Follow-up, Narendra Mehta

182 pages, pb
publication 2011
product no. 25261
weight: 300g
ISBN: 978-8-17467269-9

Printed in India - Indian quality

The Follow-up

Narendra Mehta

Understanding the follow-up in deep-seated diseases (Homoeopathy) with CD

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Featuring case studies with amazing cures with highlights on CD.

The publisher:

- A book that will make understanding  of the follow-up after first prescription.
- A book that will show how The Follow-Up is base on Herring’s law of cure .
- A book that will help to increase confidence of homeopaths
- A book that has been termed as ‘THE BEST EVER’
- A book featuring case studies with amazing cures with highlights on CD

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. Success increases your confidence whereas failure judges you. Failure invariably helps us to evolve and gives a new direction. It is just like a child who falters while learning to walk but that does not deter him from walking. After 18 years of allopathy practice, I decided to change over to homoeopathy, a decision that was prompted by my dearest friend, Dr. PrafullVijayakar, who brought me back to the right path of homoeopathy.

It is always said that knowledge never goes in vain. After taking experience in both systems of medicine, I started practising the homoeopathy system of medicine, which is more satisfying and rewarding. At the onset, when I started practicing homoeopathy, I faced many teething problems. But I decided to struggle and persevere to achieve my goal to be a good homoeopathic physician. Again, there were obstacles in the treatment of deep-seated diseases and results were short lasting or at times a complete failure of the cases. However, I remained unfazed and continued taking more dangerous cases.

Once for the National Workshop of Predictive Homoeopathy, I selected a different topic called 'follow-up'. The response from the delegates was overwhelming and enlightening. This was the turning point that spurred me to think and write more about follow-up. I started putting together the experiences I imbibed from all my patients and simultaneously, I tried to understand the homoeopathic philosophy. Putting in practice the amazing homoeopathic philosophy was an enriching experience. I have evolved as a result of this and been motivated to put forward my experiences in my book, "Understanding the Follow-up in deep- seated Diseases".

The first part of this book contains insights into the incredible theory of homoeopathy. This sets us on the right path of practice to achieve successful results in deep-seated cases. The second part of this book consists of 14 case studies with methodical explanations on how to select a medicine, the steps to follow after giving a selected medicine and the right factors to consider for a proper follow-up. The right follow-up enables one to judge if he is on the right path or not. This knowledge will sharpen the perception and increase the courage of any student of medicine in taking up deep-seated cases and accepting medical challenges. I have also included a CD highlighting the enthralling cures achieved by understanding the right follow-up.

This book is a sincere attempt to give the readers the knowledge I have accumulated from my practical experiences. This knowledge will enhance the confidence of the reader in taking up deep-seated cases and accepting the challenge of treating terminal cases. If this book helps the reader, even in smallest way, then I think that I have been successful in my endeavor.

available immediately, ready to ship within one working day

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