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The Biochemical Treatment of Disease, Schussler

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The Biochemical Treatment of Disease


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This 12th edition explains the theory behind use of the 12 tissue salts and descriptions of their action and scope.


MOLESCHOTT, Professor of Physiology in the University of Rome, says in his work KrEislaitf dEs LebEns (the Cycle of Life): " The structure and vitality of organs are dependent upon necessary amounts of inorganic constituents. And hereon is founded the estimation awakened within later years of the relations of the inorganic constituents to single parts of the body, and which, while neither disdaining other views nor hoping too much for itself, promises to Agriculture and to Medicine a brilliant future. In view of accepted facts it must be admitted that the constituents remaining after combustion—the ash —are just as essential to the intimate constitution, and thereby to the form-giving and kind-determining basis of tissues, as are those which disappear during combustion. There is no true bone without, as a basis, a gelatine-yielding substance as well as bone-earth, nor cartilage without cartilage salts, nor blood without iron, nor saliva without potassium chloride. Man is generated of earth and air. The activity of plants called him into being. The corpse breaks down into air and ash, in order that through the vegetable world new powers may develop in new forms."
I have been led by the foregoing words to a study of the physiologico-chemical action of the inorganic constituents of the human organism. In consequence of this study, which I began eleven years ago, laying as a foundation the actual facts of the chemistry of the tissues,has arisen a Biochemical Therapy, which now appears in the Twelfth Edition.
The First Edition, which was brought out in 1874, was merely a sketch of the biochemical method of cure. Every new edition added something to its predecessor.
I have received several letters in regard to the prepa¬ration of a new edition. In some the writers wished for greater detail; in others, for an alphabetical arrangement of the section, Special Guide for Using the Inorganic Tissue-formers. But through an alphabetical arrangement, facts, which histologically or anatomically belong together, would be separated, and thereby the understanding of the whole would be rendered more difficult.
Whoever wishes to use this book according to my intention, must impress upon his memory, by means of thorough study, the action of the twelve remedies. When he shall have done this he will have no need of an alphabetic repertory, and he will soon, in the way of practice, arrive at the knowledge that the want of detail so complained of is to the thinking practitioner no hindrance to the successful use of the precepts in this work. But he who only now and then—as often as he is left in the lurch in a given case by the method of cure to which he is accustomed—resorts to the Biochemical Therapy as ultimum refugium without having made a thorough study of it, will, indeed, long for an alphabetic repertory of indications. My book is not designed for those who essay to traverse, on one foot only, the province of bio¬chemical therapeutics.

OLDENBURG, July, 1885.

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