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Textbook of Pathology, Harbakhash Singh Sandhar

376 pages, pb
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ISBN: 978-81-8056-374-4

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Textbook of Pathology

Harbakhash Singh Sandhar

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About the book:
Teaching in Homoeopathy and Homoeopathic institutions has suffered and is still suffering for lack of books on what are considered as basic or more appropriately called allied medical sciences. When textbooks meant for students of allopathic colleges are prescribed for these subjects it gives the student of Homoeopathy a different viewpoint and thus causes considerable confusion in his mind. As such books on these subjects written by Homoeopaths and giving the Homoeopathic viewpoint are most necessary to maintain our own orientation. This book on one such subject i.e. Pathology, Bacteriology and parasitology must be indeed most welcome and will fill the void in this sphere.
There are no textbooks for homoeopathy students on Anatomy, Physiology, Bacteriology, Pathology, Practice of Medicine, etc. The books that are already there are not meant for them. These books do not provide proper understanding of the subjects becaue the technical words are not explained. This makes the reading of these books very hard and fruitless. They need very simple books to understand the subject and to continue taking interest in these subjects. Most of the young Homoeopaths in India think that these basic subjects are useless for a homoeopath. It is so because they find great difficulty in understanding these subjects from the books in the market.

From teaching experience for the last 30 years the author understood the difficulties of students and he has tried to remove them and make it easy for them for the sake of examiniation and useful in practice of Homoeopathy. He has tried to use simplest language, define each technical term, differentiated it from similar terms and placed them in proper place. The difference between Homoeopathic and Allopathic view of disease is also explained so that no confusion may occur in the minds of young students.

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Harbakhash Singh Sandhar
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