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Steven Olsen

I was born in South Africa in 1957. My great grandmother was a nurse in London - 1890 - during the time that Tuberculosis was prevalent. Two of her children died of TB and one survived that was my grandmother. My grandmother was a very empathetic type of person she had many friends because she was such a good listener.

I inherited this trait of being very intuitive when I listen to others.

My grandfather was a farmer. He was a holistic farmer in that he studied how all the resources and natural order of things affected each other on the farm. When we get sick the same principle applies - one factor can affect our health in different ways depending on many other factors. It is a dynamic system, different for everyone, just as one could not apply the same farming technique in an arid region of sagebrush as one would apply in a subtropic rain forest. I find that this ability allows me to see each person as a unique individual and see them for who they are.

My mother is a kindergarten teacher and has a school to teach others how to teach small children. She also likes to listen and understand things for how they are and not what she would like them to be. I also like to teach.

My father was objective, scientific in his thinking and idealistic. I like the ideas of science … the idea that if one has many variables then if you change one condition (give one remedy based on a theory of what I think the patient needs) then you can test this theory and by doing a follow up interview find out the result. This is the scientific process working for us ….. Theory, Testing and Results …. then either a denial of ones theory or confirmation of it. Homeopathy is very scientific in this way, elegant and has allowed us to build on our knowledge.

So my biography is made up of who I was born from.

Here is some more of what I have done in the past 20 plus years of practice:

Dr. Steven R. Olsen graduated from Bastyr University in 1987 with a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. In 1989, he went on to complete a further year of study, specializing in homeopathy and received a diploma (DHANP) from the Homeopathic Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

The teacher who has influenced me the most and who I learned the most from is George Vithoulkas.

Since starting to practice in 1987 I have practiced full time, seeing many thousands of patients get well from difficult problems and complex chronic diseases. I enjoy teaching at various Naturopathic medical schools and homeopathic conferences.

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Bäume und Pflanzen die heilen/Steven Olsen
Bäume und Pflanzen die heilen  by Steven Olsen
Die Prüfung und Anwendung von fünf neuen homöopathischen Mitteln

184 pages, pb, product no. 00943
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