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Spectrum of Homeopathy - Subscription 2020, Narayana Verlag

publication 2020
product no. 25315
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Spectrum of Homeopathy - Subscription 2020

Narayana Verlag

Evidence of Homeopathy, Spider and Scorpions, CNS - Neurological Diseases

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“Spectrum of Homeopathy” is Narayana Publishers’ new journal, whose aim is to combine thorough clinical experience, compact information of materia medica, and diversity of methods.

Issues of 2020:
- Evidence of Homeopathy
- Spider and Scorpions
- CNS - Neurological Diseases

Evidence of Homeopathy - In Practice and Research
Since the British medical journal “The Lancet” declared homeopathy to be dead in 2005, the media image of homeopathy has been characterized by increasingly one-sided reporting and commentary. There is general consensus that the efficacy of homeopathic remedies is unproven and any successful treatment can be traced to the placebo effect. Ten years after the appearance of the first issue of SPECTRUM OF HOMEOPATHY we will therefore venture a survey of the state of evidence for homeopathy.
Our authors’ articles from research and practice aim to present differing grades of evidence, from randomized placebo-controlled double-blind studies through practice-oriented observational studies to well documented case studies of serious pathology. At the same time we are also interested in the poor quality of the media-friendly meta-analyses, which are constantly cited by sceptics and opponents of homeopathy to prove its lack of efficacy. With the contributions in this anniversary edition we want to equip our readers with data, facts, and arguments to improve the standing of homeopathy in the public discussion.

Spiders and Scorpions
Spiders trigger loathing and disgust in many people due to their strange and alien appearance, as if they were beings from another planet. So it is not easy for homeopaths to comprehend a person who needs a spider remedy. Our understanding is therefore based on mythology and biology as well as remedy provings and clinical experience.
Until 30 years ago the Tarantula and the Papal cross spider were the only remedies from the spider kingdom. Since Jeremy Sherr’s proving of the Israeli fat-tailed scorpion, our materia media has become populated by an increasing number of Arachnid provings, helping to clarify the common characteristics of this class of animals containing 100,000 species. Many proving symptoms indicate the physiology of spiders, from their restlessness and aggression to their pronounced sensitivity to vibration and low appetite. Our renowned international authors present numerous spider remedies, demonstrating with real-life cases how to find these remedies via the common themes of this class as well as their biology together with proving symptoms and the repertory. The frequent loathing of these aliens can thus be transformed into an informative encounter with this vibrant remedy group. 

CNS - Neurological Diseases
Disturbances of the body’s nerve center are associated with a large number of symptoms, including vertigo, pain, paralysis, uncontrolled movements, and cramps, as well as loss of speech, memory, and other functions. The psyche is often also directly impacted or affected by the major effects caused by nervous disease in our daily lives.
Whereas modern intensive care or neurosurgery is often astonishingly successful for strokes or brain tumors, its achievements in treating other nervous ailments are often unsatisfactory or accompanied by major side effects. For illnesses such as multiple sclerosis or epilepsy, homeopathy can offer an alternative to conventional treatment with minimal side effects, providing valuable complementary treatment for sufferers of Parkinson’s or dementia.  Therefore patients with chronic neurological disease often seek help from homeopathy. The contributions in this issue cover a wide range of cases with very different illnesses, showing the possibilities offered by homeopathy to deal with even severe pathology.

Editorial team
We have two distinguished chief editors, ensure editorial quality and act as technical advisors: the journalist Christa Gebhardt and the homeopath Dr. Jürgen Hansel. With this new journal, we are delighted to foster fruitful co-operation between experienced and creative homeopaths throughout Europe, Canada, the USA and India. We also offer a network for our customers, providing easy access to a valuable set of contacts, linking them together.

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This product: Spectrum of Homeopathy - Subscription 2020 by Narayana Verlag
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1 week ago
Sehr interessante Artikel
Gut geschrieben und hilfreich für Laien und Experten read more ...
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2 weeks ago
Sehr empfehlenswert
Sehr interessante und informative Artikel. Ich schaue immer wieder gerne ins Heft rein, um darin zu lesen, zu lernen und darüber nachzudenken. read more ...
Do you find this helpful?

3 weeks ago
Gutes Heft
Sehr informativ und breitbandig read more ...
Do you find this helpful?
Madalina Fodolica

4 weeks ago
a masterpiece
important information for your work with patients read more ...
Do you find this helpful?

4 weeks ago
Spectrum of Homeopathy 2020-2, CNS - Neurological Diseases
Often encouraging and important. I note that I sometimes go straight to my archive of Spectrum papers to re-read for guidance when I have rare situations because they provide me with possible solutions.

https://askmeoffers.com/ read more ...
1 person finds this helpful. Do you find this helpful?
Caroline Hayward

4 weeks ago
e-book Spectrum
having subscribed to Spectrum consistently since its launch its become a very important and informative journal for viewing a window into contemporary and classical methodologies of many experienced Homeopaths from all areas of practice. Its wonderful to be able to access the e-book version especially at this time of a global crisis but I'd much prefer the hard copy to be able to turn pages manually as is so much easier to review the articles and hidden gems of information. It also provides details on the latest books and reviews. read more ...
Do you find this helpful?
Andreas Meier

1 month ago
Rundum sehr zufrieden! read more ...
Do you find this helpful?

2 months ago
Good insight into homeopathic treatment of hormonal disorders
Good insight into homeopathic treatment of hormonal disorders. I am excited to learn about Liz Lalor protocol. read more ...
Do you find this helpful?
Rodolfo Frederico

2 months ago
Der Titel hat mich veranlasst dieses Heft zu kaufen. Eine derzeit in der Familie vorhandene Problematik wird nicht genügend beschrieben. Insgesamt eine gute Broschüre wie Allergien behandelt und erfolgreich angegangenen werden können. Bei evtl. Bedarf kann darauf zurück gegriffen werden. Dass diverse Schwerpunkt Themen in Spektrum beschrieben werden ist eine gute Methode und lobenswert. read more ...
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3 months ago
viele Information
das Lesen der Artikel ist immer wieder informativ und regt zum Nachdenken und Nachlesen an read more ...
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