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Secret Elements Qi-Gong, Sascha Wagener / Martin Nienhaus

publication 2012
product no. 14095
weight: 75g
ISBN: 978-83-934656-3-7

Secret Elements Qi-Gong

Sascha Wagener / Martin Nienhaus

23.70 US$

Language: English and German
Total play length: ca. 70 min.
Audio: Stereo 2:0

The publisher:

The 5 short programs of the Secret Elements Qi Gong from the steps on your way to find and keep your youth and vitality. Everyone can benefit from the age old knowledge of the sages from Asia.
The 5 exercises are easy to learn and can be practised at every place in just a few minutes. Every single program aims at a particular and universal theme of your life and directly unfolds its effective value.
The changing of tension and relaxation, of calmness and movement, forms the foundation of life. The exercises refresh the mind, restore your health and encourage your well-beeing. They give power for the day and rest for the night.

Wood      Growth and creativity
Fire          Lust for life and beauty
Earth       Calm and serenity
Metal      Clarity and order
Water      Courage and confidence

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