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Rosina Sonnenschmidt

Born in 1947

She started out as a graduate in Music Ethnology, carrying out fieldwork in the 1970s in the slums of northern India. She resigned from her university post, following a career as a coloratura soprano at home and abroad for 20 years.
In parallel to this, she began to study medicine and healing. During her studies, she developed therapeutic kinesiology for coma patients, dementia sufferers and the dying. In her practice, Rosina Sonnenschmidt tends to treat particularly patients who have cancer or other “incurable” conditions. The mainstays of her work are miasmatic and process-oriented homeopathy, kinesiology and psychological therapies.
Rosina Sonnenschmidt is the most well known holistic homeopath in Germany, combining homeopathy, naturopathy, nutrition and mental exercises in her treatment. Following the motto "treatment starts at home", she tries to involve the patient actively with diet, exercises and mental concepts in the healing process. Rosina Sonnenschmidt's approach is unorthodox and open to new methods. She senses healing potential intuitively and is always ready to follow new paths. She is an internationally renowned seminar speaker and has already produced many works on homeopathy, healing and mediumship.

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Die Syphilinie - Das Höchste und das Niedrigste durch die Mitte vereinen - Band 1 - Mängelexemplar

Schriftenreihe Miasmatische Heilkunst Band 1
224 pages, hb, product no. 16452
38.90 US$
32.90 US$
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Le pouvoir thérapeutique des jus - Copies imparfaites

Naturellement sains -
Recettes de jus frais, smoothies et mousses de lait
160 pages, hb, product no. 16582
27.50 US$
19.20 US$
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Set Organ - Conflict - Cure in 12 volumes

With homeopathy, naturopathy and exercises
1884 pages, hb, product no. 28942
305.00 US$
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Holistic Treatment of Birds - 1 DVD

Veterinary Congress - April 21, 2013 in Badenweiler Germany
1 DVDs, DVD, product no. 15883

Mediale Mittel in der Homöopathie

278 pages, hb, product no. 00790

Miasmenkurs 1: Syphilinie und Sykose - 12 CD's

12 CDs, CD, product no. 03848

Miasmenkurs 2: Tuberkulinie und Psora - 12 CD's

12 CDs, CD, product no. 03849

Miasmenkurs 3: Karzinogenie

9 CDs, CD, product no. 03850


Das Auto aus heiterer und homöopathischer Sicht
192 pages, hb, product no. 04848

Lebensrhythmus und Homöopathie - 11 CD´s

11 CDs, CD, product no. 07286

Krebs - ein ganzheitlicher Heilungsansatz - 1 DVD (Interview 2009)

Ein 70-Minuten-Portrait von Rosina Sonnenschmidt und Harald Knauss
Im Interview mit Markus Kuntosch
1 DVDs, DVD, product no. 07801

"Über Gewicht" - Der ganzheitliche Weg zum Idealgewicht 7 DVDs

Seminarmitschnitt vom 13.-14. November 2010 in Bad Bellingen
7 DVDs, DVD, product no. 09852

Schüssler-Salze - Seminar - 10 DVD's

10 DVDs, DVD, product no. 10070

Wie Lebensrhythmen heilen - 1 DVD

Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt im Interview mit Heidi Brand, Badenweiler September 2010, DVD ca. 35 min
1 DVDs, DVD, product no. 11348

Vögel ganzheitlich behandeln - 1 DVDs

Tierhomöopathie Kongress vom 21. April 2013 in Badenweiler
1 DVDs, DVD, product no. 15434