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Repertory of Hering's Guiding Symptoms, Calvin B. Knerr

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Repertory of Hering's Guiding Symptoms

Calvin B. Knerr

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One of the great classic Repertories. Much of what is not found in Kent's version you will find listed in this Repertory by Knerr.

The publisher:

Knerr, a pupil of Hering (and his son-in-law) compiled this repertory from Hering's 10 volumes. It is a bulky volume that is valuable as a reference repertory for deeper comparative research.

Although it mixes pathogenic and clinical data, it contains several rubrics that cannot be found anywhere else. The biggest stumbling block to its use was the overly complex and graphically difficult layout. With this new Augmented & Revised Edition much of that difficulty has been overcome.

For example, instead of I, II, I, II, marks or signs before the remedies the editor has changed the fonts of the medicines to denote the grades of the medicines. Thus:

- two double thick II line is BOLD CAPITALS
- single thick I line is ORDINARY CAPITALS
- two thin double II line is Bold Roman
- single thin I line is Roman Italics
- and the fifth is ordinary Roman.

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