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Reach for a Remedy, Svetlana Pavlova / Clodagh Sheehy

213 pages, hb
publication 2018
product no. 23769
weight: 565g
ISBN: 978-3-95582-196-8

Reach for a Remedy

Svetlana Pavlova / Clodagh Sheehy

Homeopathic Home Prescribing for First Aid and Minor Ailments

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Make homeopathy easy with this refreshingly simple guide to choosing the best possible remedy for everyday ailments. From coughs and colds to toothaches or tummy bugs, this book will help you find relief for minor health conditions.

No previous knowledge of homeopathy is necessary. The book will quickly point you to the best match between your individual symptoms and the remedy you need. It also features a rapid first aid section and advice tailored to busy mums, babies, tots, teens, and adults.

Homeopaths Clodagh Sheehy and Svetlana Pavlova Heywood Jones have distilled a wealth of information down to the essentials required for accessible and safe home prescribing. They also alert you to more serious conditions where you may need to consult a doctor or go immediately to hospital.

Enhance the health of all the family by adding homeo­pathic remedies to your home medicine cabinet, so you can …
                                                                                                                                                                                              … Reach for a Remedy

“Reach for this easy to read informative guide for all your homeopathic needs. This book is a must on every family shelf beside the first aid kit.
From a simple bee sting to the complexities of grief, this easy to use guide is ideal for those starting off using remedies as well as those who already have a well stocked cupboard. An invaluable aid to maintaining family health.”
– Ann O’Loughlin, bestselling author of  The Ballroom Cafe, The Judge’s Wife and
The Ludlow Ladies´ Society.

available immediately, ready to ship within one working day
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This product: Reach for a Remedy by Svetlana Pavlova / Clodagh Sheehy
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Liam Kelly

2 yearss ago
Reach for a Remedy
Very pleased with the book which gives me a clear and easy to use
guide for homeopathic remedies.
I have been using homeopathy and the services of homeopaths for a variety of ailments for nearly 20 years.
These include minor issues such as cuts, burns, bruises, sports injuries, through pain relief from knee surgery (I had no post-op pain) and colds and 'flu plus emotional upsets such as grief around funerals etc.
Reach for a Remedy distills a huge amount of knowledge into a practical guide for first aid and minor ailments.
The layout and presentation enables easy access to finding the right remedy for most of the problems that occur in daily life.
A great resource to have in the house. read more ...
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