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Notes on Organon, Dattatray Topkhanewale

364 pages, pb
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ISBN: 978-8180-5679-3-3

Printed in India - Indian quality

Notes on Organon

Dattatray Topkhanewale

Including Psychology for Homeopathic Students

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Why this book is needed?
The Organon of Medicine is not in simple English. It needs explanations. Dr. Hahnemann did realize this and gave long footnotes and examples to make the things more clear. Even then it is beyond the capacity of a student to follow and grasp it easily. This provoked many to write on the subject. Everyone wrote according to his own standard, without considering the need, capacity and the standard of the common student. Their problem remained.
In this book, the simple looking words like minimum doses, rapid and gentle cure, comprehensible principles are analytically explained with examples. E.g. no doubt a single dose may cure in many cases but in no way minimum means one dose only. It is not fixed to any number but to the demand of case as per type and conditions. It may be one, three, five, ten, etc. Five doses may be more where three are needed but less where ten doses is required.
For the results of different type of diseases in the same person, the results are not kept limited to the examples of past diseases (which are no more present) but to the new and recent age.
The symptoms under the various names are explained with reference to the disease, medicine, materia medica and their use and utility.
Many peculiar, unique and special topics are considered in relation to universal concepts.

only a few in stock, ready to ship within one working day
free shipping above 11,625.00 US$

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