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Neon, Jeremy Sherr

228 pages, hb
publication 2016
product no. 22728
weight: 485g
ISBN: 978-1-908127-07-5

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Review of "Neon" by Jeremy Sherr
by Raphael Neu


Jeremy Sherr

The Noble Gases

The publisher:

Jeremy Sherr has been researching and writing about the Noble gases since 1993 and in his own words "Helium is the gateway to the seven noble gases. The noble gases are the key to understanding the periodic table. The elements of the periodic table are the building blocks of the universe. I therefore embarked on an investigation of the Noble gases towards a deeper understanding of health, disease and our entire materia medica. The journey began in 1993 with the proving of Neon. I followed in 1995 with the Helium, and 1997 gave birth to both Krypton and Argon. My friend and colleague Silvie Gowen later proved Xenon and Radon. Thus the six noble samurai are near completed, missing only the seventh and most elusive ‘Element 118’. These collective provings form a family of remedies, grouped together not only by their unique placement in the periodic chart and consequent proving symptoms. It is this family that I have set out to examine, based not on speculation but on the correct homoeopathic sequence of provings followed by perception followed by clinical cases.

Neon is the second book in the Noble Gas series by Jeremy Sherr. Continuing the journey that began with Helium (Saltire Books, 2013), Jeremy leads the reader further down the periodic spiral. Using the detailed symptoms of his Neon proving as a base, Jeremy draws on biology, geometry, astronomy, physics, metaphysics, analogy, poetry, movie, myth and the Bible to explore the deeper aspects of Neon and the second period.

He continues the profound and revolutionary line of inquiry from the Helium book, delving into Neon's revelations about the universe, the evolution of the soul and the development of our selves. Beginning with the study of the element and its physical affinities, the book takes us through the symptom generalities, emotional essence, geometrical structure, spatial dimensions and spiritual aspects of Neon, and its relationship to the origins of Psora.

Jeremy's clinical experience, as well as cases collected from other practitioners, illustrates the practical application of Neon.

 "Reading Neon is like being sat in a classroom with Jeremy, which is always an inspiring and welcoming experience. The differentiation between other remedies in the text gives insights into far more than just Neon, and the book is laid out that one can access the simple information about the remedy well, or choose to get far more value for money and awareness of the world of Neon, and indeed the world around us. One of the things that I find wonderful about the teachings Jeremy gives is the way he draws connections from many and varied points of view, philosophical sources and medical paradigms and the book, indeed this series of books, are all the richer for it."
Em Colley MARH RHom Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy BSc(Hons) Psychology and Neuroscience

"20 years on from the original proving of Neon, Jeremy Sherr’s new book gives us wonderful fresh insight into the remedy. This piece of work explores Neon’s shadow side gradually bringing us a deeper understanding and appreciation of the remedy. He uses patient cases and clinical observations to help the reader fully grasp the practical application of Neon. Great quotes, images, poetry and even excerpts from Shakespeare allows Neon to penetrate all of the senses providing us with a window into the essence of the remedy in order to truly understand this Nobel gas. Another unique and valuable contribution for the homeopathic community which will be of great interest to practitioners around the world."
Niki Taylor – The Irish School of Homeopathy

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