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Neem: The Ultimate Herb, John Conrick

176 pages, pb
publication 2009
product no. 13264
weight: 200g
ISBN: 978-0-9102-6132-6

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Neem: The Ultimate Herb

John Conrick

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The publisher:

Neem, The Ultimate Herb is the most comprehensive book about neem available. This book presents current information about neem, one of the most ancient and widely used herbs on earth. A major herbal ingredient in Ayurvedic preparations, neem has been revered in India for over 4,000 years, yet is almost unknown to the West.
Neem has historically been used to help the body fight both temporary and chronic conditions. It is this long history of successful use against many diseases and ailments that provided the impetus for the hundreds of scientific studies into the properties and uses of neem that this book details.

Called possibly the most promising of all plants, neem yields a wide array of products. They range from non-toxic pest control to inexpensive medicines for many of the wrorld's worst diseases to birth control for both men and women. This book concentrates on the medicinal properties while providing enough information about all of neem's marvelous attributes to answer most questions.

This book also provides easy-to-understand instructions for using neem along with credible scientific evidence as to its effectiveness. After finishing this book, you will understand and appreciate the amazing qualities found in neem. You will also be able to more intelligently select quality neem products for your own use.

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