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Miasms as Practical Tools, John Saxton

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Miasms as Practical Tools

John Saxton

A Homeopathic Approach to Chronic Disease

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John Saxton presents a historical, pragmatic and practical assessment on the theory of miasms, which will most probably stimulate debates.
"I highly recommend this book to the homeopathic profession as essential reading. Both the inexperienced and the veteran homeopath will derive benefit from its study and be better able to employ the concept of miasms as a practical therapeutic mode." D. Lilley (Homeopathy, Vol. 96)

The publisher:

Chronic disease is the enduring health problem in modern society, and the approach to it represents one of the principal philosophical differences between homeopathic medicine and conventional medicine.
Hahnemann's basic concept of miasms provides insights into the understanding and relief of such conditions, and succeeding generations of homeopaths have continued to add new layers to his original ideas. Nevertheless, miasmatic theory remains a perplexing one for many practitioners, some rejecting it entirely, with others having doubts about its practical relevance while accepting the basis of the reasoning behind it.
This book presents the author's personal understanding of how miasmatic theory works in practice for him. He describes a possible model for understanding the subject and builds on this to explore its potential in the treatment of chronic disease. Wherever appropriate the chapters include case histories from both human and veterinary medicine, demonstrating the relevant miasmatic perspective and the consequent implications for remedy selection and case management.

John Saxton qualified from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 1964. Having become interested in homeopathy in the late 1970s, he obtained his Membership of the UK Faculty of Homeopathy in 1988 and his Fellowship in 1996. He is an examiner for the Faculty and was elected President in 2005. As a core teacher of the UK Homeopathic Professionals Teaching Group he is closely involved with the homeopathic training of doctors, veterinary surgeons and nurses. He is also a recognised teacher and examiner for the International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy. His time is currently split between homeopathic referral practice, and writing and lecturing both nationally and internationally.

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