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Manual of Gastroenterology, J.P.S. Bakshi

540 pages, pb
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ISBN: 978-81-8717-002-0

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Manual of Gastroenterology

J.P.S. Bakshi

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The publisher:

A detailed, comprehensive workbook for Homeopathic students, practitioners and believers

Helps to find all possible rubrics, pertaining to the diseases of GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT with
most updated data

Differentiates the true peculiarity of the individual from the common symptoms of the disease

Aids in understanding the pathological or physical condition which a rubric is referring to

Assists early diagnosis of the disease condition and guides to find accurate remedies

Acts as a bridge between homeopathic & modern system of medicine

Makes disease analysis easy and handy

only a few in stock, ready to ship within one working day

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J.P.S. Bakshi
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