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Lanthanides for Children - 1 DVD, Resie Moonen

publication 2014
product no. 17242
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1 Video - DVD Length approx. 3 h
The DVD can be played in three languages, English, French, or German

Lanthanides for Children - 1 DVD

Resie Moonen

"Homeopathy from Childhood to Old Age Congress 2014” at March 14, in Bad Krozingen Germany

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Ever since Jan Scholten first charted the Lanthanides for homeopathy, these remedies have been used increasingly often. Such is the fluency and liveliness of Resie Moonen‘s talk that her description of how a Lanthanide picture looks in children and teenagers instantly gives her listeners a vivid impression of the remedies she is presenting – this was the highlight of the congress.

Four impressive cases from her practice illustrate the important themes of these remedies and their compounds, showing how they strive for autonomy:
- A young girl with Crohn‘s disease, who responds very well to Lanthanum carbonicum and later Lanthanum phosphoricum – here the Dutch doctor mentions her general experiences in the treatment of autoimmune disease,
an area in which Lanthanides are frequently indicated.
- A 9-year-old girl with major problems adapting to school, where she reacted with repeated fits of rage – Lanthanum muriaticum caused a complete transformation – at this point Ms Moonen sketches the differential diagnosis to Carcinosinum.
- A teenage girl who had earlier been given Phosphorus for anxiety and panic, was given Praseodymium  hosphoricum due to her alopecia areata (another frequent indication for the Lanthanides) and psoriasis, with astonishing success.
- A male student with migraine, who was having severe difficulty finishing his dissertation, continually putting it off, helped by Praseodymium nitricum … (incl. DD to Samarium).

With her pleasantly straightforward and engaging manner, this likeable doctor helps us to better understand these valuable remedies and their use in paediatric practice, and to make effective use of them in our own practices.

• 00:00 Welcome
• 02:47 General introduction to the Lanthanides
• 12:40 Lanthanides in children
• 19:51 Case 1: Crohn‘s disease – Lanthanum carbonicum, later Lanthanum phosphoricum – experience with autoimmune disease
• 1:05:49 Case 2: Behavioural problems, fits of anger – Lanthanum muriaticum
• 1:39:01 DD Carcinosinum
• 1:48:38 Case 3: Anxiety and panic – Phosphorus, alopecia areata, psoriasis – Praseodymium phosphoricum
• 2:04:31 Case 4: Migraine, procrasti nation; incapable of working – Praseodymium nitricum DD Samarium

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only a few in stock, ready to ship within one working day

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