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Homoeopathy and the Principle of Reality, Rudolf Flury

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Homoeopathy and the Principle of Reality

Rudolf Flury

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Introduction book to Flury´s Repertory
If you order the index card system with the legendary Flury Repertory you get this book ´Homeopathy and the Principle of Reality` for free on top of it. If you bought the book already, we will make a reduction accordingly.

The publisher:

For forty years the well-known homeopathic physician Dr Rudolf Flury from Berne has greatly influenced homeopathy by his philosophical treatises and lectures. But he was not only an outstanding theoretical thinker but also an expert in the practical use of this method. From the very beginning it was Dr Flury's aim to understand the order of nature and to establish this natural order in all aspects of medicine.
For his practical work he compiled for himself a supplement to the Kent-repertory. Although this unique work is indispensable and unequalled for the so-called keynote prescribing, Dr Flury felt that he needed something to help him if such keynotes were not there and Kent's repertory did not prove sufficient to find the right remedy. Therefore, he compiled for his private use a repertory consisting of a card-file system into which he entered all symptoms, modalities and nosological terms which are of importance in homeopathy.

One opinion of the Repertory
"I had always been sceptical about this sort of card index, but now, I just couldn't do without the Repertory. Its services are indispensable."

For forty years Dr Flury improved and extended his repertory which now consists of more than 1100 cards. His philosophical ideas were also expressed in his work. From his view of the reasonable order of nature he derived the clear arrangement of his cards which has proved most efficient in his practical work for patients.

Some comments on the book
"... It is full of stimulating suggestions which cannot be disregarded and contains detailed explanations which can only be the product of many years of ceaseless efforts." - "One feels at ease in this spiritual world, and I hope that this major posthumous work will have a long-lasting effect - indeed, it can hardly fail to do so."

Dr Flury's practical repertory has been published in a form which will allow everyone to add the remedies he has found useful. Thus Dr Flury's work will be essential for all homeopathic doctors and a great step forward on the way to rational and successful prescribing.
The complete repertory consists of 6 main chapters which are divided into smaller units. The headings on each card are given in German, English and French. An Introduction has been published in German, English and French. - With this practical repertory Dr Flury offers us the opportunity to find the most correct and helpful remedy also in cases without keynotes.
Dr Flury's philosophy is explained in the introduction: each symptom has its proper place in the hierarchical order of nature and thus Dr Flury achieved a clear arrangement which enabled him to recognize keynotes and to avoid errors in this respect. All the other symptoms can also be clearly understood and evaluated.
Both the introduction and the cards form one unit and for an efficient use of the repertory it is necessary to understand the ideas explained in the introduction.

Extract from a review of the work
Dr Flury's Practical Repertory is a valuable, enriching addition for homeopathic medicine, particularly for the so-called "classical homeopaths ", although Dr Flury - and this distinguishes him for the same reason as Hahnemann - did not remain a "classicist" but became a tireless searcher who re-emphasised and cristallized important elements in the science of the healing powers of nature.
In order to be able to use this Repertory better, it is useful to make oneself familiar with the thought processes of this doctor from Berne. The booklet entitled "Recognition of Reality and Homeopathy"which accompanies the card index reproduces several lectures and manuscripts by Dr Flury. The reader is thus introduced to the author's way of thinking and at the same time to the Repertory's ordering principle which is the logical quintessence of a life-time's work. This excellent work marks the climax of 40 years of practical endeavour and deserves a definitive place among repertories.

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