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Homoeopathy - Reduced price, Tomas Paschero

264 pages, pb
publication 2000
product no. 02994
weight: 385g
ISBN: 978-0-906584-41-5

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Homoeopathy - Reduced price

Tomas Paschero

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One of the Argentinian masters. Elucidates the essential principles of homoeopathy.

The writings of Tomas Paschero have the 'classical' quality and depth that we usually attribute to Hahnemann's Organon or Kent's Lectures. 'Homeopathy' is a superb collection of essays on doctrine, clinical aspects and materia medica, which clearly show his passion for the art of homeopathy and unveil his immense personal integrity. Paschero's holistic understanding of homoepathy is reflected throughout the book, as is his understanding of homeopathy not simply as a profession but as a way of life.

The publisher:

Dr Paschero was the revered founder of the Escuela Medica Homeopatica Argentina and a homoeopath of international stature. A classical homoeopath of the pure Kentian school - he trained with Kent's immediate successor Dr Arthur Grimmer in Chicago - he possessed a level of insight and understanding of the classical method that has rarely been matched. He also brought to his work a keen knowledge of depth psychology which, blending perfectly with the classical principles, added considerably to the range and lucidity of his thought.
Paschero's prolific writings on all aspects of homoeopathy reveal his deep love and respect for humankind both in sickness and in health, and his commitment to the furthering of its potential to transcend its moral and physical limitations by means of the highest standards of homoeopathic treatment. They place him firmly within the finest humanistic tradition of medicine. Homoeopathy comprises a selection of the best of his writings, spanning a long and highly productive career.
Beginning with a section on homoeopathic philosophy, the book explores the meaning and implications of the vitalistic outlook that underpins Hahnemann's and Kent's view of the nature and purpose of human life. The essential principles of homoeopathy are examined and elucidated in turn, including the Law of Cure, the chronic miasms, and the significance of the mental picture among the totality of symptoms.
This is followed by an in-depth look at clinical aspects such as casetaking, finding the simillimum and child psychology in homoeopathy, amply illustrated with examples drawn from the author's casebooks. The book concludes with a selection of essays on the materia medica, consolidating the remedy pictures that emerge in the previous section.
Tomas Pablo Paschero was born in Buenos Aires in 1904, the son of an immigrant Italian cattle slaughterer and an Argentinian mother. He disobeyed his father's wish that he should run the family butcher's shop and left to study medicine at the University of Buenos Aires, supporting himself through his studies. He first encountered homoeopathy while working as an obstetrician, seeing an apparently intractable case of eczema completely resolved by it. In 1934 he travelled to the United States on an extensive research trip, working with Dr William Griggs, Dr Eugene Underhill and Dr Julia M. Green. He was then accepted as a disciple by Dr Grimmer, with whom he formed a close personal and professional relationship.
Dr Paschero was elected President of the International Homoeopathic Medical League in 1973. He died in 1986.

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