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Homoeopathic Reminiscences, Kapadia Sarabhai

224 pages, hb
publication 2003
product no. 01486
weight: 1160g
ISBN: 978-28-8200-000-2

Printed in India - Indian quality

Homoeopathic Reminiscences

Kapadia Sarabhai

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Salute to a System of Healing

As a trustee of Sarabhai Homoeopathic Foundation it is with a sense of pride and immense satisfaction that the 3rd edition of this book has been presented.
The author of this treatise always cherished a hope that Homoeopathy would one day rank as a system of total health care, which would be universally accepted for it's utilisation. In his lifetime he strived hard to work towards that dream.

In this age of instant gratification and the ever present desire for immediate relief, several aspects related to health have taken a turn for the worst in terms of inviting chronic diseases. These diseases have sprung up in successive generations as a kind of a wicked gift from heaven, in return for our follies of suppressing apparently innocuous ailments, in our impatient search for "fix it now!" Homoeopathy does not believe in this approach.

It has been an arduous but greatly rewarding 18 years of practice in this system of medicine. To pen in a few lines on something which is so near and dear to my very existence is an unsurmountable task. Instead of making that effort a different approach has been embarked upon.

As a mark of respect to my father's memory who is also the author of this book, I have carried out a small exercise. A series of photographs which have been treated at the Sarabhai Homoeo Clinic over the last few years have been presented here, without discussing the details and modalities of treatment. The pictures do the talking!

only a few in stock, ready to ship within one working day
free shipping above 132.00 US$

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5 months ago
Well written book.
I read Dr. Kapadia's book cover to cover. I learned many new facts from this book.

He followed the foot steps of Dr. Maganbhai Desai who experimented with treating chronic pathologies with repeated doses of high potency.

Homeopathy as practiced today, appears to be frozen around 5th edition of Organon. This blind following, dogmatism did not serve homeopathy well.

Human biology has been put under tremendous new stresses. Examples included wide spread vaccinations, allopathic drugging and suppressions, electromagnetic radiation exposure, exposure to industrial chemicals and persistent organic pollutants etc.

While Homeopathy is under constant onslaught by Conventional Medicine and its pharmaceutical allies. Homeopaths are stuck in 19th century teachings. As a result, homeopathy is on the defensive. Wide spread propaganda and ridicule has made public believe it to be inferior modality. Fortunately, if practiced by innovative smart clinicians, its opposite of what it is being dubbed as. Homeopathy is a sharp, quick, precise and almost magical modality if practiced with vigor, and free of dogmas.

Hahnemann was a genius of his time. He kept on refining and improving his methodology by constant experimentation. If anything, this should be a lesson to his followers. Experiment, innovate, improve.

Sarabhai Kapadia was one such experimenter, who learned from his innovative experiments, and then published them.

In summary, well written book, with new perspective on posology and dose repetition. read more ...
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Kapadia Sarabhai
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