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Since founding our publishing house in 1980 there has always been a special place in our heart for homeopathy, which we have tested and refined in our practice from the very beginning. This treasure trove of 40 years’ experience is reflected in our broad range. In our selection you can find all the major homeopathy texts from early to modern works, including classics such as the sixth edition of Samuel Hahnemann’s Organon, key repertories and materia medicas, and descriptions of the methods used by leading homeopaths around the world, such as Jan Scholten, Michal Yakir, Rajan Sankaran, Rosina Sonnenschmidt, Heiner Frei and Massimo Mangialavori. With Homeoplant we also offer books and products covering plant homeopathy. Raw and unmedicated sucrose pillules and homeopathic accessories such as cases to store homeopathic remedies round off our range.


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Books 1831 to 1846 (of 1846)
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Homoeoprophylaxis/Torako Yui


Vegi-Kapseln Gr.00 - 250 Stk./

Vegi-Kapseln Gr.00 - 250 Stk.

Homoeopathy & Patterns in Mammals/Bhawisha Joshi / Shachindra Joshi

Homoeopathy & Patterns in Mammals

Helium - Experiences with a Noble Gas - 4 CD's/Jeremy Sherr

Helium - Experiences with a Noble Gas - 4 CD's

True Homoeopathy/Nicola Henriques

True Homoeopathy

Miasms in Clinical Practice/Dr. Jayesh Dhingreja

Miasms in Clinical Practice

Colon, Heart and Kidneys - DVD/Jean-Pierre Barral

Colon, Heart and Kidneys - DVD

Cardiac Examination in Homeopathy/Janice Block

Cardiac Examination in Homeopathy

Wonders of Homoeopathy/G.R. Mohan

Wonders of Homoeopathy

The Vital Approach Map of Homeopathic Families/Anne Vervarcke

The Vital Approach Map of Homeopathic Families

Life is meant for losing!/Torako Yui

Life is meant for losing!

Homeopathic Supportive Treatments for Cancer/Jean-Claude Karp / François Roux

Homeopathic Supportive Treatments for Cancer

Clinical Relationship of Drugs/B.K. Sarkar

Clinical Relationship of Drugs

Freedom from Infectious Diseases - The Homeopathic Solution/Manfred Mueller

Freedom from Infectious Diseases - The Homeopathic Solution