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Set: Case Analysis in Homeopathy & Classical Homeopathy Evidence Based Medicine vol. 2

Strategies and Techniques - Theory Case Studies
Case studies - Long term treatment - Theory
740 pages, product no. 19942

Jungle Camp for Homeopaths - 1 DVD

A Documentary by Katrin Filenius
1 DVDs, DVD, product no. 20188

Homoeopathy for trauma and disasters

36 remedies to overcome disasters
232 pages, pb, product no. 20669

Homoeopathy & Patterns in Mammals

544 pages, pb, product no. 21240

Homoeopathic Materia Medica of Sarcodes

424 pages, pb, product no. 21242

The Art Of Case Taking And Interrogation Including Other Treasure Work

320 pages, pb, product no. 21336

Helium - Experiences with a Noble Gas - 4 CD's

4 CDs, CD, product no. 21473

Royalties for "Homeopathy for Plants" by Christine Maute

product no. 21609

True Homoeopathy

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's Original Homœopathic Medicine
244 pages, pb, product no. 22358

Miasms in Clinical Practice

60 pages, booklet, product no. 22783

Colon, Heart and Kidneys - DVD

1 DVDs, DVD, product no. 23424

Cardiac Examination in Homeopathy

A practical approach to examination, in the tradition of the homeopathic masters
276 pages, pb, product no. 23919

Wonders of Homoeopathy

An Evidence Based Study
275 pages, pb, product no. 24088

The Vital Approach Map of Homeopathic Families

3 pages, laminated, product no. 24226

Clinical Relationship of Drugs

with their modalities
190 pages, pb, product no. 25196