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Homeopathy for Sheep - Illnesses Found in Sheep and Their Homeopathic Treatment - 1 DVD, Gilberte Favre

publication 2014
product no. 15882
weight: 85g

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Homeopathy for Sheep - Illnesses Found in Sheep and Their Homeopathic Treatment - 1 DVD

Gilberte Favre

Veterinary Congress - April 21, 2013 in Badenweiler Germany

Sheep are generally treated directly by the shepherd. In addition they conceal their health problems for a very long time in order not to appear conspicuous in the flock – often for too long... So there are few opportunities to gain experience in the homeopathic treatment of these ruminants. This makes the practical tips and detailed observations presented in this descriptive presentation by the Swiss homeopath Gilberte Favre – one of the few specialists in the treatment of sheep – all the more valuable.

Together with the various techniques for keeping and tending sheep, and treating the common associated problems – such as injury, parasites, foot rot and other diseases of the hooves, bluetongue disease and other physical problems – she comprehensively describes the nature and the body language of these easily startled herd animals as well as the various breeds.

Practical hints on the examination of the animals as well as how to administer the homeopathic remedies together with descriptions of the major constitutional and first-aid remedies make this presentation a real treasure trove for all
those who look after these grazing animals.


• Nature of sheep, keeping and tending sheep and associated problems
• Nature and behaviour in the flock
• Dealing with sheep, behavioural recommendations
• Key data on sheep and the differences between breeds
• Common features of all sheep and common constitutional remedies
• Most frequent complaints and suitable remedies
• Dosage and administering remedies
• Sheep body language
• Miasms in sheep
• Special illnesses
• Case of a broken jaw

The DVDs include the recording of the second Veterinary Congress from April 19th. to April 21st. of 2013 in Badenweiler.

You can also purchase the complete DVD set of the Homeopathy for Animals - the second Veterinary Congress

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