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Homeopathy as Adjuvant Treatment for Cancer - 1 DVD, Jean-Lionel Bagot

publication 2014
product no. 17210
weight: 60g

Video-DVD approx. 25 min Languages: English/German

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Homeopathy as Adjuvant Treatment for Cancer - 1 DVD

Jean-Lionel Bagot

Jean-Lionel Bagot in an interview with Heidi Brand, "Homeopathy from Childhood to Old Age” March 14-16, 2014 in Bad Krozingen - 1 DVD

The author of the standard work on the adjuvant treatment of cancer with homeopathy describes his personal journey from conventional medicine to homeopathy and homeopathic palliative care. He describes his work at the centre for oncology in Strasbourg, France, and the collaboration with medical specialists and psychologists.

Jean-Lionel Bagot stresses the importance of providing homeopathic care from the moment of diagnosis to the stage of cancer treatment and even beyond. He offers succinct examples of how patients experience their cancer diagnosis and how remedies such as Opium, Arnica, and Staphisagria can help stabilise them. Many of the side effects from operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be very effectively treated with remedies such as Nux vomica, Ipec., and Petr. After the completion of cancer therapy, homeopathic treatment is still in demand, whether as after-care following successful therapy or to accompany patients to the end of their lives.

This interview introduces us to an impressive doctor, whose story we will not so easily forget. His enthusiasm for homeopathy, his joy in his work and his love for his patients make a deep and lasting impression. It gives us pause for thought that it is precisely his self-imposed restriction to palliation and his relinquishing of homeopathy‘s claim to cure that effectively liberate this great doctor to care selflessly for his patients, whatever their condition.

Interview during the Congress “Homeopathy – from Childhood to Old Age” March 14-16, 2014 in Bad Krozingen.

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