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Holistic Treatment of Birds - 1 DVD, Rosina Sonnenschmidt

publication 2014
product no. 15883
weight: 85g

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Holistic Treatment of Birds - 1 DVD

Rosina Sonnenschmidt

Veterinary Congress - April 21, 2013 in Badenweiler Germany

After almost 30 years of experience, Rosina Sonnenschmidt has developed a “complete package” for the holistic treatment of birds. The dedicated natural healing practitioner combines such things as hormone therapy using specific complex remedies with light therapy and other treatment modalities, such as acupressure or acupuncture
for birds – developed by her over many years in which she has managed to locate the correct acupuncture points.

Since birds live in flocks, she finds that they give very few outward signs of their condition. They are often close to death before it becomes apparent that they are ill – so they need rapid and homeopathically unconventional treatment to save them.

To convincingly demonstrate her style of treatment, which is miasmatic in its approach, in this talk she shows numerous case studies documented with photographs of various parrots and other birds which, although visibly ill
(feather plucking, osteoarthritis, behavioural disturbances, overgrowth of the beak…), have recovered a short while later. She emphasizes the importance of well designed housing conditions for these very habitat-dependent creatures.

Her every word conveys her enthusiasm and great experience with these beaked patients – and surely this DVD of her presentation will help realize her great dream of encouraging more people to take an interest in the holistic treatment of their feathered friends ...


• Anatomy and characteristics of birds
• Miasmatic treatment of birds
• Loriculus vernalis, loss of feathers: Merc and Syph
• Senegal parrot, feather plucking: Merc. and Nit-ac., Lyc., Sulph.
• Solomon Island Eclectus parrot, severe osteoarthritis and feather plucking: Syph., Anac., Thuj., Sulph.
• Triton cockatoo, feather plucking: Nit-ac., Phos., Sulph.
• Golden-headed quetzal, at death‘s door: Merc., Syph., Lyc., Phos., Sulph.
• Moluccan cockatoo, fearful, overgrown beak: Graph.
• Psychological care, coloured light therapy, improvements to housing conditions
• Macaw, feather plucking syndrome: Lyc., Sulph.
• Treatment of small birds

The DVDs include the recording of the second Veterinary Congress from April 19th. to April 21st. of 2013 in Badenweiler.

You can also purchase the complete DVD set of the Homeopathy for Animals - the second Veterinary Congress

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