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Healing Childhood Ear Infections, Michael A. Schmidt

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Healing Childhood Ear Infections

Michael A. Schmidt

Prevention, Home Care and Altenative Treatment

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The publisher:

Ear infections are still the leading reason parents take their child to a doctor. To combat infections, parents and doctors employ arsenals of antihistamines and antibiotics, and too quickly resort to ear tubes and surgery. In this updated and revised second edition of his bestselling Childhood Ear Infections, Dr. Michael Schmidt describes the current controversy in medical journals questioning existing treatments for chronic earaches.

Author Biography:
Michael A. Schmidt, Ph.D. did his Ph.D. research in molecular medicine at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountainview, California. He also did a fellowship in neurochemistry and an internship in molecular medicine within NASA's Human Research and Technology Division.

Dr. Schmidt is the author of 6 popular books on health and nutrition, including Brain-Building Nutrition, Beyond Antibiotics, and BioAge. He is co-editor of the text "Clinical Nutrition: A Functional Approach" and the forthcoming text, "Nutritional Pharmacology and Clinical Neuroscience." Dr. Schmidt is a professional member of the Society for Neuroscience and the DNA Methylation Society.

"There are better ways of managing children's ear problems. Dr. Schmidt's comprehensively researched and referenced new book provides answers parents and professionals are seeking. My highest recommendation."
- William G. Crook, M.D., Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics

"This book offers hope, solid information, and sound advice for discouraged parents and clinicians. It shines a much-needed, brilliant light on a common, troubling, often chronic childhood illness. It should be sent home from the hospital with every newborn - and be required reading for all clinicians."
- Jan T. Adams, M.D., Clinical Professor, University of Minnesota Medical School

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