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Hahnemann's Organon: 1st Edition, Samuel Hahnemann

592 pages, pb
publication 2010
product no. 09132

Hahnemann's Organon: 1st Edition

Samuel Hahnemann

Translator : Dr Mahendra Singh and Dr Subhas Singh

The publisher:

The first edition of Organon of Medicine is the collation of the basic principles in medicine, which a practitioner of any discipline of medicine needs to know. Though the present day homeopaths have mastered the concept and principles propounded by Master Hahnemann but they have only seen the last edition. Though each edition of the organon has been an improvement, both in style and content but the storm that was unleashed by the first edition of the organon of medicine was so instant, huge, intense and widespread that no other edition or publication of Hahnemann could compare with it. It was the first edition after which started the biggest controversy and divide in the medical profession. This first edition has seen the light of the day with the only purpose of
enlightening the present world with the world of Dr Hahnemann and Homeopathy.

- This first edition gives the original idea of Hahnemann in formulating new concepts, principles and theories of Homeopathy
- It gives the original, unmodified and unedited thought process of the medical revolutionary
- Although this translation is being published after 200 years of the original publication it is still an invaluable piece of work for anybody who calls himself a homeopath
- This translation will enrich the readers not only with the first edition of organon but also with the whole process of evolution of homeopathic system of medicine
- The book has detailed description of psoric, sycotic, syphilitic and tubercular forms of disease

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Samuel Hahnemann
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