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Hahnemann Revisited, Luc De Schepper

572 pages, hb
product no. 01055
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ISBN: 978-0-942501-10-0

Hahnemann Revisited

Luc De Schepper

A Textbook of Classical Homeopathy for the Professional

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This book consists of three sections: “The Foundation”, “The Healing Process” and “The Chronic Miasms”. It gives the reader a good introduction to all aspects of homeopathy, especially the prescribing of the LM potencies. It also contains interesting chapters on homeopathy and cancer, case studies with thorough explanations, miasms, bowel nosodes, suppression, and the best method of learning the materia medica. Undoubtedly an interesting introduction to classical homeopathy.

About Hahnemann Revisited:
By its sheer scope and detail, this text recommends itself as one of the best modern textbooks on the subject that is currently available. It is written with great clarity and might be seen to comprise a modern version of Kent's Lectures, Close's Lectures and Vithoulkas' Science of Homeopathy all rolled into one— Indeed, if a Student only purchased this book, a materia medica and a good repertory, it is hard to see how they could not soon become an excellent practitioner. ... It is definitive, authoritative and comprehensive in scope, content and detail. Whichever other general text one compares it with, this book comes out very favorably. I therefore recommend it most highly as an extremely valuable addition to the literature, for students and established practitioners. ... it seems certain that this book will quickly and easily establish itself as a popular general textbook on homeopathy. It seems destined to become a classic text in the field for many years to come.
Peter Morrell in Simillimum: A magnificent treatise in the foundations, healing process and chronic miasms of Homeopathy. Of special interest are the explanations of LM potencies, Homeopathy and its relationship to Traditional Chinese Medicine, cancer, bowel nosodes, delusions, and epidemic and intrauterine prescribing. Dr. De Schepper clearly demonstrates his exceptional knowledge of classical homeopathy and all of its major masters.
— Richard Hiltner, M.D., D.Ht., President of the California State Homeopathic Medical Society andEditor of Western Homeopathic Journal
I whole-heartedly endorse this book for both students and teachers interested in learning about homeopathy. Written in a lively style and accentuated with interesting historical perspectives and pertinent case examples ... numerous illustrations to help students visualize key concepts ... thorough, comprehensible, and useful Information ... will be invaluable in my own teaching of homeopathy to pharmacy students.
—June Riedlinger, R.Ph., Pharm.D., Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, and Director, Center for Integrative Therapies in Pharmaceutical Care, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences

About Dr. Luc
Dr. Luc De Schepper is known to hundreds of students as a brilliant and inspiring lecturer and to thousands of patients as a gentle and compassionate healer. Soon after receiving his medical degree in his native Belgium in 1971, he began studying homeopathy as part of a Ph.D program in acupuncture. He began incorporating classical homeopathy into his holistic practice upon moving to the US in 1981. Dr. Luc has used homeopathy exclusively since 1991 in his family practice, first in Red Bank, NJ and subsequently in San Diego, CA. He founded the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy in Boston, MA in 1996. Recently retired, from practice, he now devotes his time to writing, teaching, and lecturing at the invitation of homeopathic physicians around the globe.

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Eduardo Lopes Carvalho

3 yearss ago
For those who want to understand the Organon
All students must have.
A perfect way to understand the organon, the bible of Homeopathy. read more ...
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Vally Kal

3 yearss ago
Important book to read!
He is a classical homeopath, very interesting book! read more ...
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