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From natural medicine to a medecine of the individual, Gérard Guéniot / Pierre Tondelier

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From natural medicine to a medecine of the individual

Gérard Guéniot / Pierre Tondelier

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The real mission of the therapist is to serve. « He imposes nothing, but he is happy to propose: through his knowledge of natural laws, based on observation and confirmed by intuition, he shows to the person seeking his help, how to follow his own path by adapting the physical, biological and mental needs to his own capacities and to his project. It is in love that this mission is made, real and noble love with the purpose to be useful to the other person: useful to his body which must be respected, useful to his mental which must be free, useful to his spirit which must be inspired'». It is in these terms that Gerard Gueniot defined his mission as a therapist.
He was one rare doctor who « dared » to speak about the soul, about the spirit, about the inner being who is in each of us and who has, throughout life, a path to travel and challenges to meet. Isn't human being a whole?
Proud and tireless defender of Homeopathy and Acupuncture, he gradually became the promoter of a concept of Natural Medicine. The idea was to synthesize all the existing notions and to unite all the natural practices of health by giving them a common base.
This book is about the simple and elementary, but fundamental aspects, of natural laws which govern the organism and which are necessary to know in order to restore health. Because health depends on these fundamental criteria of functioning, which arise from nature and the simple laws which explain the physiology of the bodies of gross material. To preserve health therefore consists in gathering all the conditions essential for the harmonious functioning of the organism.
This book addresses all the therapists who have « a consciousness of the limits of the current choices and the urgency to change. It does not address the intellect of the reader but rather his intuition which, only, can allow him to know if the developed orientations are real, because the Truth is simple provided that we want to look for it».
And also to the reader « who has the desire to manage his health better and who is conscious that the body is a noble gift which must be protected and maintained in balance ». He will find in this book « the knowledge of the harmonious functioning of the various bodies and the means to take control of his health; that is to be responsible for it».

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