Homéopathie et médecine naturelle
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Forever Yin, Maria Jevtic

338 pages, pb
publication 2018
product no. 23918
weight: 450g
ISBN: 978-1-87458174-1

Forever Yin

Maria Jevtic

How the human mind creates, maintains or transcends chronic disease

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The publisher:

How is our mind, the pinnacle of natural evolution, involved in producing chronic disease? What options do we have to reverse the process? These are the questions this book attempts to answer. After unravelling all the biological and environmental factors that make us sick, we arrive where the buck stops: in the human mind. It is here where natural evolution installed a virtual space we can use to create our own future, in sickness or in health.

Exploring the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, the split, and opposites, the author playfully examines the nature of the human mind, and what it seems capable of achieving.
Examples of modern chronic disease (eg: Mercury poisoning) are insidious, subtle, and reflect our modern Disconnect through stress and aggression.
Taking us on a fascinating journey through philosophy, religion, creative thinking and art, the author explores the nature of what it is to engage in human thought. She engages us in the company of Jung, particle physics, Chinese and Hindu thought, and the Patriarchy of the three main monotheistic religions.
Ultimately She suggests that - just as we seem to be on the verge of creating an unsustainable barren wilderness of our planet earth -  this threat to our continued existence may of itself propel  humanity  forwards and towards a completely different mode of evolution - possibly one even beyond the confines of mother earth.

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