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Fascia in Motion, Gunda Slomka

publication 2016
product no. 21677
weight: 80g

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Fascia in Motion

Gunda Slomka

35.90 US$

The publisher:

The training with infl uence on our fascial structures is meanwhile indispensable in our daily training concepts.

This DVD presents a movement concept that effects many different parts of the tissue. Cells should be activated for regeneration and synthesis, fluids of the matrix are made available for the nourishment and support flexibility increasing signals. In the end the fibernet receives stimuli for realignment or alteration. But also relaxation (detonization via the rich System of sensors in the tissue) has become a topic on this DVD.

After introductery and explaining words, Gunda presents a practical training system that leads to a well-balanced fascial training based on 5 pillars. Just take part in the training or find new ideas for your own classes.

Fascia In Motion is a dynamic movement concept with fluent exercise combinations to the rhythm of music.

It’s the optimal training for group fitness, fitness enthusiasts or group fitness trainers, but also every person who is keen on sports will find many ideas to put into practise and to integrate in ones own training.


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