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Experience of Medicine 4, Alastair C. Gray

310 pages, pb
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ISBN: 978-0-9757982-3-2

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Experience of Medicine 4

Alastair C. Gray

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Four provings, including 3 substances connected to New Zealand: Agathis australis, the Kauri tree; Sophora microphylla, the kowhai, the national flower; Culex pervigilans, a native mosquito; plus Pearl.

The publisher:


While available on Misha Norland's website, this remedy profile, in my opinion needed another addition. You learn a lot in 13 years. This is the third edition and there are some changes. It is such a stunning tree and an icon of New Zealand. Somber, dark and majestic. Teaching the remedy for the first time in 1998 in the Wellington ICCH conference was an experience. Some slept, some wept. It seemed to polarize people. 'Who's that wanker said one?' But certainly the emails letters and requests for the medicine followed, as did the reports of great results and cures.

This is the national flower of New Zealand. Stunningly yellow. It has a rich history and use by Maori in traditional medicine. Its colour and its pharmacology lend to the hypothesis that it has an affinity for the liver and possible use in the treatment of hepatitis.

Easily my favourite proving and the remedy of all those that I have been a part of proving that I have prescribed more than any other. While proved in Australia at the Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine the mosquito itself is a New Zealand one Culex pervigilens.

This was completed in 1999. Years ago. It stayed in the bowels of my computer for ages before I again looked at it. The reason for its revival here is twofold. Peter Tumminello in 2005 published a great book 12 Jewels including the information about Pearl. It then encouraged me to think about the original proving and the quality of the work the provers that year put into the work and the process. While slightly sparser, the proving here is published for them. It has no connection with New Zealand at all. It is included here because I had to put it somewhere. To the generosity of these students who acted as either provers or supervisors or researchers, my thanks for your perseverance and courage and time and generosity. I am sincerely grateful.

only a few in stock, ready to ship within one working day
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