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Diabetes Mellitus, Preeti Rothagi

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Diabetes Mellitus

Preeti Rothagi

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Of the diseases Diabetes is also one of the major ones which should not be taken lightly. Athough it is not fatal in itself but helps other fatal diseases to sustain and advance. Many doctors have written about the diabetes. One learns from their experience that 'Diet Control' alongwith medicine is also very important.

Apart from this the patient should be cautioned to take special care after it has been overcome for the present and continue to observe the seif discipline to keep it under check, l have put in my best efforts to collect information from different sources on this subject and record it in this book. Yet being infant in the science as a whole l might have omitted many things for which l trust the reader will not mnind and it find convinent may point out to me.

After theory comes the therapeutics which has two parts i.e. Materia Medica and Repertory. The sources of Materia Medica in this work are Clarke and Boericke. The medicines found only in Clarke have been marked (C), those in Boericke (B) and in both (B and C). Symptomatology belongs to Diabetes Mellitus only.

Repertory is mainly based on KENTs (repertory) and additions to it have been collected from six others i.e. Boericke1, Knerr2, Gentry3, Synthetic Barthel's4, Clarke5 and Pathak6. To indicate their source, the medicines have been numbered serial vise as given above.

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