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Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity
Codex Humanus - The Book of HumanityCodex Humanus - The Book of HumanityCodex Humanus - The Book of Humanity

2000 pages, hb
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Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity

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The publisher:

"The last reason for resisting an innovation in medicine is that hundreds of thousands of people make their living from something incurable."
Prof. Dr. Friedrich F. Friedmann

Independent information which helps the person/patient is extremely sparse in a difficult time, in which powerful, money-oriented interest groups exert direct influence
on our health care system. Most health guides are like peas in a pod and always repeat what lobby groups release...
Owing to the unaffordable patent system, the artificially created "representative studies" status causes thousands and thousands of credible medical discoveries to be
marginalised, which therefore cannot be found the textbooks of future doctors and are only very rarely available in the conventional publishing industry for exactly that

"Codex Humanus – the Book of Humanity" is different!
True to the motto "The one who heals is right", the author Thomas Chrobok takes the deeply considered view that every responsible citizen has a natural right to information
on the complete repertoire of thoroughly investigated prevention and therapy options available, in order to protect or to restore his or her greatest asset – their health – and
to successfully counteract biological ageing!

With the "Codex Humanus", the "Book of Humanity", this valuable knowledge is available to you for the first time in an uncensored, condensed form on almost 2000 pages,
in a way the layman can understand. All the information is fully substantiated with studies and expert opinion, is technically sound, and includes hundreds of sabotaged
and concealed studies, as well as comments from doctors and researchers who are independent of the pharmaceutical industry!

The amalgamation of established tradition with the modern age, the detailed description of the most efficient, traditional remedies of indigenous peoples, such as the indigenous
peoples from Central and South America, Ayurveda from India and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and the latest achievements of the western approaches to
orthomolecular medicine, biochemistry and epigenetics make this book unique.

From A for ageing to F for flu and C for cancer and cirrhosis, all ailments and diseases find their potent active substance completely free of side effects here and make it
possible to say:

"Every disease loses its fear factor as a result of this book...!"
Codex Humanus, the "Book of Humanity" – a must for every health-conscious household

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Keller Patricia

12 months ago
Très satisfaite
Merci d’avoir fait traduire et éditer ces livres car tout un chacun devrait en posséder un et pouvoir se soigner grâce aux indications fournis d’en ces deux volumes read more ...
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