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Cancer in Animals - A Homeopathic Approach - 1 DVD, Sue Armstrong

publication 2014
product no. 15880
weight: 80g

Cancer in Animals - A Homeopathic Approach - 1 DVD

Sue Armstrong

Veterinary Congress - April 20, 2013 in Badenweiler Germany

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Sue Armstrong is one of the leading veterinary homeopaths in Great Britain: among other things, she treats many of the horses in the top racing stables. For many participants, her talk was the highlight of the international animal
congress. She systematically presented her approach to the treatment of the various stages of cancer: from prevention, treatment of the primary tumour and supportive treatment during and after radiotherapy, through to palliative treatment in the final stages of illness. The treatment of cancer starts with the puppies – the breeder‘s
knowledge of pedigree dogs means that the issue of constitutional cancer can be recognised so that the animals can be helped to reach an acceptable age whereas their untreated siblings often die young …

Especially in cases of advanced malignancy, it becomes increasingly important to “gently elicit” the life force. For the final stages, she names some important remedies to help the animal to die peacefully – for example, for cachexia,
pain, vomiting and haematological problems (Apis., Ars., snakes, arsenic salts, Ferr., Mang-m.).

In the final part she describes her observations on cancer and injury or inflammation: injuries seem to predispose to cancer. She has found minor remedies to be very effective, especially those from the Compositae family (also known as the Asteraceae): Bell-p., Calend., Sec., Abrot., Siegesbeckia orientalis, Guaco, Silphium lacaniatum… With the appeal to not overlook inflammation and to always use homeopathic treatment after surgery, she returns to the theme of prevention. A fascinating presentation with a wealth of innovative ideas.


Categories of patients:
• High-risk – prophylaxis
• Precancerous

Primary tumours:
• Miasms / surgery / during and after conventional treatment
• Metastases – palliative treatment

Minor remedies for accompanying complaints:
• Cachexia – Ars., Formica rufa, Hydr., Ruta, Iodium, Brom., Kali-bi., Nit-ac.
• Pain – Acon., Ars., Aur., Chel., Euph., Hydr., Hyper., Kalmia, Mag-phos., Nux-v., Op., Plb-i.
• Vomiting – Ars., Hydr., Kali-bi., Nit-ac., Cadm-sulph., Nux-v.
• Depression, haematological and hormonal changes

Cancer, injury & inflammation:
• Carcinogenesis and inflammation (chronic / acute) - example of osteosarcoma
• Causes of chronic inflammation
• Compositae, Ranunculaceae, oxygen and cancer

The DVDs include the recording of the second Veterinary Congress from April 19th. to April 21st. of 2013 in Badenweiler.

You can also purchase the complete DVD set of the Homeopathy for Animals - the second Veterinary Congress

available immediately, ready to ship within one working day
free shipping above 11,330.00 US$

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