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Cancer & Homeopathy, Jean-Lionel Bagot

328 pages, pb
publication 2015
product no. 13210
weight: 640g
ISBN: 978-3-944125-21-3

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Cancer and Homeopathy
by Ian Hamilton , published in "The Homeopath" Winter 2014

Cancer and Homeopathy
by Joe Rozencwajg , published in "The Homeopath" November 2015

Cancer & Homeopathy

Jean-Lionel Bagot

How to alleviate the side effects of ­chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and hormone therapy

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The treatment of cancer has made enormous progress in recent years, yet sufferers frequently have to endure numerous side effects, taking a serious toll on their quality of life.

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Dr Jean-Lionel Bagot and his team in Strasbourg have been very successful in treating the various side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and hormone therapy for many years. With homeopathy as supplementary treatment, these side effects, as well as other problems resulting from the illness itself, can be noticeably reduced.

In this definitive work Dr Bagot describes systematically and in detail which homeopathic remedies have proved effective for particular side effects – including nausea, sensory disturbances, loss of hair, mouth ulcers during chemotherapy, fatigue and pain after surgery, psychological problems, a weakened immune system, and skin irritation caused by radiotherapy.

Dr Bagot sees four thousand cancer patients a year and therefore has great experience and expertise in this area. His advice is very specific and to the point. For each type of chemotherapy, he offers targeted homeopathic guidelines to combat the side effects of each particular medicine.

Homeopathy is shown to be the perfect complement to conventional treatment. The book is written in an accessible style with user-friendly recommendations. It is an invaluable tool both for patients and for physicians.

”This book is a gold mine of practical advice to deal as well as possible with the toxicity of conventional treatments and to cope with daily life."
Professor Gilles Freyer, Oncologist, Lyon Sud University Teaching Hospital, France.

”This is one of those books which will sit on my shelves and be a great tool for consulting when the need arises."
Ian Hamilton, The Homeopath, Winter 2014 

“Do not be fooled by the title. This book is not about treating cancer with homeopathy, but, as the subtitle says clearly, about “how to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and hormone therapy”. It is a practical guide on how to use homeopathic remedies when a patient has decided to go through the conventional treatment for cancer.” “There is simple, practical advice on how to recognise and prescribe or administer homeopathic remedies when the diagnosis is made, before and after surgery, during chemotherapy with most of the possible complications explored, during and after radiotherapy and hormone therapy, dealing with pain and in palliative treatment.”
Joe Rozencwajg in Hpathy Ezine, November, 2015

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10 months ago
Cancer & Homeopathy
Excellent book, really practical guide on how to prescribe for patients going through chemo, radio treatments. read more ...
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D. Sheppard

2 yearss ago
Excellent book
Very detailed with well laid out content, and a really good read. An excellent book. I bought this at an incredible reduced price but even at its full price you get a lot for your money. read more ...
Do you find this helpful?
Mary S.

2 yearss ago
Thank you, Dr. Bagot
This book is wonderful for showing how to deal with the myriad side effects of cancer treatment. It is very comprehensive and specific. I am most grateful to Dr. Bagot for kindly sharing his vast knowledge with the rest of us practitioners who seek to help our patients through this rocky time in their lives. read more ...
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3 yearss ago
Thiosinaminum 5 CH
Meine Frau nach drei Bauch OPs hatte starke Verwachsungen. Der Professor, Uniklinik hatte keine Medizin. Ich hatte das Buch und dort war unter ( prévient les adhérences intestinales ) Thiosinaminum.
Nach einem Monat ist der grosse Bauch zurück gegangen. Heute nach einem Jahr ist alles OK ohne OP. OUF !
read more ...
3 people find this helpful. Do you find this helpful?

5 yearss ago
Practical book
Well written. Practical. Easy to follow. It is original work. Very strongly recommended. read more ...
5 people find this helpful. Do you find this helpful?

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