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Beyond the Veil of Delusions 2nd edition, Mati Fuller

328 pages, pb
product no. 04889
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ISBN: 978-0-6151-7138-8

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Beyond the Veil of Delusions 2nd edition

Mati Fuller

Understanding Relationships Through Homeopathy

"Beyond the Veil of Delusions" is a fascnating psychological and homeopathic study of human nature and its inner relationships.
Our love relationships and interactions have always been a source of mystery to many of us. How often have we heard. "What does he see in her?" or "They seemed like such a nice couple, why did they split up?" These questions have never been adequately explained, but Mati's insights remove the mystery. The book sheds light upon the motivations of many constitutional remedies and it enlighten s the readers to the needs, desires and fears each remedy exhibits. Now we can understand the glue that holds relationships together or the repelling forces that might precipitate a separation.

Mati's understanding of psychology and her proficiency in homeopathic medicine merge together in this delightful, easy to read and easy to understand book. Her clearness of vision and understanding of human behavior makes this a unique by solid complication of her knowledge.

-Maria T. Bohle, CCH, RS Hom (Na), DHM, DCN, FBIH, Director, The British Institute of Homeopathy, USA

I just received the book yesterday; have been reading and re-evaluating life ever since. It helps so much to have your examples to learn from . I already see myself and my relationships andn also some family members in the example portraits/descriptions. I thank you for sharing those, and for writing this book for all of our benefit. It helps to untangle some of the mysteries inherent in relating to others.

- Tamariee Trogdon, Med. Asst. and student of homeoapthy

It was easy to settle into this book. As soon as I had read my remedy profile, I was just as eager to read the rest. There is an underlying theme of compassion in all of Mati's work, which is exactly what I am looking for in my own relationships. Extremely insightful. Well done!

- Maria Heusted, Assistant Professor of Holistic Health Trinidad State Junior College

I have a very short attention span, can't plod through boring books....I read this book straight through! I totally recommend it for all homeopaths! Best Materia Medica ever!"

Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom, assistant editor of "Homeopathy 4 everyone"

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