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Angelica, ND Lemke

Angelica Lemke, ND is a homeopath and naturopathic doctor who specializes in chronic complex cases – from recovering cases of ASD to building the immune systems of people with Lyme and PANDAS. She works with clients from all around the world over the phone or video conference from her home in Ashland, Oregon as well as supervises the work of new homeopaths through her group practice, the Homeopathy Hive. She has also written Healing Complex Children with Homeopathy which has received widespread positive review, and can be found at, www.homeopathyforcomplexchildren.com.

Currently she is focusing on teaching her two-year ‘Deep Dive’ course on homeopathy for complex pediatrics, as well as a post grad course for professional homeopaths. Angelica has a Naturopathic Medicine degree from Bastyr University, a five-year naturopathic medical school in Seattle. She completed four years of training with the New England School of Homeopathy with Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg, and has also attended workshops and studied the homeopathic teachings of Rajan Sankaran and Jan Scholten. She received her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University in Washington DC in 2000.

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Healing Complex Children with Homeopathy

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